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Why Hosting Your Website on VPS Hosting is better than Shared Hosting?

When people try to buy hosting service, the first thing that comes to their mind is that which type of hosting they should choose? So the answer is both services have their own features like shared hosting is a family data plan where responsibility is equally distributed among all members. The data does not exceed the limit allotted in the plan. People use this hosting for their own benefits but now the time has changed.

While on the other hand, VPS hosting is like an individual data plan. You can customize your needs according to your convenience. You just have to pay the price and you will get your desired customized plan. It will give you more bandwidth and can have full control on altering your data setup as you see fit.

Shared Hosting

The shared hosting is a hosting service in which multiple sites share a physical Web server. These multiple websites share same resources. Each and every user on shared hosting is allocated a limited amount of services. These services are FTP accounts, traffic, disk space email accounts, and database, among numerous other services. So be sure before choosing this type of hosting service.

Shared hosting has got lots of benefits but now a day, the hosting services have been upgraded and people want their own customized plan. In order to use this feature, they prefer VPS hosting services. In this plan, you just have to pay according to your plan and that’s quite affordable.

Drawbacks of Shared Hosting

Today we all need some better options against shared hosting plan because it has got some drawbacks. Sometimes people get confused while choosing any plan. Here we have mentioned some drawbacks of shared hosting services and it will help you to decide a better plan.

  • The biggest problem that people face is the hacking problem. The shared servers are quite prone to attack by the hackers.
  • Any kind of malicious activity may affect the whole network that’s why it is not fit for business.
  • In Shared Hosting Plan, you need to share the resources as we have already mentioned in the article. Because of this, the site may experience some sluggishness which is brought by the request for some resources by the other sites.
  • The people using shared web hosting service may experience resource limitation because everyone in the network is using same resources like memory, CPU and hard drive.
  • There is always a chance that the server may get overloaded which might make your website stop working properly.
  • Most of the time the customer gets less number of features as compared to other hosting plans like VPS or dedicated hosting plan.
  • In shared hosting services, you cannot choose the application and software because you have to satisfy from what is made available by the hosting provider.
  • The customer support is not as good as other dedicated plans.
  • The connections and ports are limited because of some security policy.

VPS Hosting

The VPS is termed as Virtual Private Network and it is isolated virtual machine. The internet hosting provider sells this service. There are lots of VPS created on the Single server which depends on the specification of the physical server. The Virtual Private Network has its own OS (Operating System) and IP Address. There is a freedom provided by the VPS as they can install any software on their Operating system. The VPS is an opportunity to build a server that which is more secure, more powerful and that is stable.

  • Why VPS Hosting: VPS is far better than the dedicated servers and shared hosting. In case of shared hosting, if one website suddenly needs more resource then the load speed of other sites on the server gets slow or worst. There is no such thing in VPS hosting as it is completely isolated and it doesn’t share any resources. The main feature is that it is backed up by its own storage, Operating System (Linux) and RAM.
  • Who uses VPS Hosting: VPS hosting is not the perfect choice for everyone. The minimal static website, in which slow loading speed doesn’t have any significant effect on the visitor may not use VPS server. This is necessary for those businesses in which a little slow load speed may lose a customer. This is made for competitive market in which people are seeking for the low-cost solution.

Why do we Choose VPS Hosting over Shared Hosting

Lots of people are a little bit confused about which hosting service they should choose but they need not worry. The VPS hosting is far better than shared hosting service. In this article, we have mentioned some benefits of VPS hosting over Shared hosting services.

Server Resources

When you deal with the shared hosting, you face some limitations with the resources because you share the hosting with some other sites. But in case of VPS, you won’t be having these kinds of problems as you work in the isolated environment.


In Shared hosting, your performance is dependent on the other website. We all know that more resource equals more performance but you have to share resources in shared hosting.


The shared hosting has some cost benefits but it compromises with the security because the common server cannot assure 100 percent guarantee. While in VPS, it offers robust safety features. Your business needs security features and VPS gives you awesome security features.


The shared hosting is most suitable for the short term but you may face some scalable problems on a long-term basis. On the other hand, you can customize features in VPS hosting so it can scale more quickly and easily.


Talking about the shared hosting, it is suitable for short-term plans and minimal static websites. But on the other hand, VPS hosting allows you to customize your features according to your convenience. It more suitable for business websites as it is more secure and gives us lots of features.

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