Getting them to Sign up Is Only the First Step: 5 Essential Components of an Effective Email Marketing Strategy

The right email marketing strategy is vital for the success of any campaign. Getting individuals to sign up is part of the battle, but it certainly does not complete the war. Even though arenas like social media are the target of many marketers, it is clear, email marketing is here to stay and is a cost-effective means of successful marketing. There are some essential components that must be the focus of every email marketing campaign.

Why Is Email Marketing So Effective?

Email marketing continues to be an effective outlet for marketers who truly want to connect with their audience. Visiting proves just how beneficial an email marketing campaign can be.

Email marketing campaigns are customizable, measurable, and beneficial for developing strong relationships. With mobile devices now the norm, most people check their email several times a day, making email campaigns an essential tool in any marketer’s arsenal.

5 Essential Components of Any Email Marketing Campaign

Assembling the right components will help any email marketing campaign to rise in success. If your campaign is lacking the following components, now is the time to shift your focus and improve your ROI.

  1. How will your prospects benefit by giving you their email address? What are you offering them? It is highly important to zero in on your objectives for sending any emails to subscribers. You are working to build a strong foundation of trust. Your emails must be compelling enough to make prospects stop and read your email in its entirety.
  1. Including a “Tell Us About Yourself” form is helpful for getting to know more about your subscribers so they can be grouped in specialized lists that target their interests. It is also a good idea to primarily clean your subscription lists of any unnecessary or invalid email addresses so you can effectively measure your ROI.
  1. Email automation is an integral part of any email marketing campaign, but it must be set up effectively. There are four main types you will need to set up including, onboarding, lead nurturing, sales and promotional, and transactional.
  1. The top of the fold is the most important when it comes to your email presentations. If you want a full scroll, you must be succinct and compelling. Your pre-header text needs to impel them to want to click on the email to learn what is inside.
  1. Use personalized tags and customized email content to create a more personalized feel. Your subscribers do not want to be treated as a generic number. Your greeting should include their first name and should feel as if it was written solely for them.

Email Marketing Is Here to Stay

Social media platforms may rise and fall, but email is here to stay, at least well into the foreseeable future. Using the above tips should help to ensure your email marketing campaigns are successful and offer you the ROI you are looking for.


It is not enough to get individuals to sign up for your mailing list. You must not only engage their interest enough to sign up, but you must also ensure they stay on your list and commit to purchases. Use the above tips to tighten up your email marketing campaign and begin to see better results.

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