Top 5 AI tools for Sound and Music

In today’s digital age, sound and music creation have been revolutionized by the power of artificial intelligence (AI). AI-driven tools are enhancing the way musicians, sound designers, and content creators approach their craft. Whether you’re composing music, editing audio, or exploring innovative soundscapes, these top five AI tools for sound and music offer an array of capabilities to streamline your creative process. From generating melodies to enhancing audio quality, these tools leverage the latest AI technologies to inspire and empower artists and creators across the world. Dive into this exciting world of AI-driven sound and music tools to discover new horizons of creativity and innovation.

Brain FM

Brain.fm is a science-backed platform that provides music designed to enhance focus and productivity. This music is meticulously crafted to seamlessly blend into the background, allowing users to concentrate distraction-free while benefiting from gentle rhythmic pulses that promote sustained attention. Unlike regular music that can be attention-grabbing and counterproductive, Brain.fm’s functional music is purposefully engineered to optimize brain function and improve performance.

What sets Brain.fm apart is its commitment to real science and extraordinary results. The platform collaborates with academic institutions to conduct studies measuring the impact of its technology on the brain using advanced techniques like fMRI and EEG. Additionally, behavioral studies are conducted, including placebo groups, to verify the effectiveness of Brain.fm’s technology, ensuring that it indeed makes a significant difference in enhancing focus and productivity.


Melodrive, an AI-powered music composition startup, has made significant strides since its initial mention in 2016. The company recently launched the beta version of its music engine for independent game developers, available through both its website and the Unity asset store. What sets Melodrive apart is its ability to generate an endless stream of emotionally diverse music in real-time, adapting to the dynamic nature of in-game events. With four initial musical styles including ambient, house, piano, and rock, Melodrive aims to empower indie game developers by allowing them to effortlessly create intricate, adaptive soundtracks using AI technology. Melodrive’s innovative approach to music composition has the potential to transform the gaming industry.


Jukedeck, founded in 2014, was a pioneering AI startup focused on music composition. The company developed technology that could create music using AI, even interpreting video content and automatically setting music to it. Jukedeck gained recognition for its innovative approach to music composition and was awarded the top prize in the Le Web startup competition. It allowed creators to generate affordable, custom soundtracks for videos using its artificial intelligence music composition technology. The startup achieved notable success and ultimately caught the attention of TikTok, which reportedly acquired Jukedeck. The acquisition marked a significant milestone for the company, aligning its AI music capabilities with the social media giant.


Boomy AI is an innovative platform that empowers users to create original music effortlessly, even if they have no prior music-making experience. With Boomy, you can generate unique songs within seconds and have the opportunity to submit your creations to streaming platforms, earning royalties when people listen to your music. Boomy has fostered a global community of artists who harness the power of generative music to enhance their creativity.

Users have shared their experiences with Boomy, expressing how it has rekindled their passion for music and provided them with a new avenue for artistic expression. The platform’s ability to generate song ideas that users may have never conceived on their own has been a source of inspiration for many.

Boomy offers a diverse range of featured playlists and releases across various genres, making it accessible to a wide audience of music enthusiasts. Whether you’re into EDM, ambient, lo-fi, or any other style, Boomy provides a platform to explore and create music that resonates with you.


Amper is revolutionizing production management by providing an easy-to-use solution for optimizing plant operations, enhancing efficiency, and driving profitability. With Amper, you can seamlessly connect your machines, jobs, and workforce to gain real-time insights, enabling you to make informed decisions and foster operational excellence.

Leading manufacturers worldwide, including companies like HydraForce and Gleason, have chosen Amper to elevate their operations. These companies have witnessed significant improvements in utilization rates, decision-making speed, and overall efficiency.

Amper’s platform is powered by self-install IoT devices, ensuring hassle-free machine connectivity without the need for costly IT support or PLC integrations. Their expert Customer Success Engineers (CSEs) provide implementation guidance and ongoing support to help you maximize the benefits of the platform.


  1. What is AI music composition? AI music composition refers to the use of artificial intelligence algorithms and machine learning techniques to generate music autonomously or assist human composers in the creative process.
  2. How can AI be used in music production? AI can be used in music production for tasks like composing melodies, generating harmonies, creating drum patterns, and even mastering tracks. It can also assist in music recommendation systems and sound synthesis.
  3. Are AI-generated music compositions original? AI-generated music compositions are original in the sense that they are not direct copies of existing songs. However, they are often based on patterns and styles learned from existing music, which can influence their compositions.


AI tools for sound and music are transforming the music industry and the creative process. These tools offer musicians, composers, and producers new ways to explore and expand their musical ideas. From generating melodies and harmonies to providing inspiration and enhancing music production, AI is becoming an invaluable partner in the world of music.

While AI can assist in music creation and even generate impressive compositions, it’s essential to recognize that it complements human creativity rather than replaces it. Musicians and composers still bring their unique emotions, experiences, and artistic sensibilities to the music-making process.

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