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5 SEO Trends you should keep an eye this 2020

Search Engine Optimization is vital in the digital marketing world, for all website owners, regardless of the size of the business. SEO increases the visibility of a website in the SERPs, which brings more organic traffic to your site.

Will SEO change in 2020? This year, it is expected that the share of organic traffic results will continue to decline; there will be more ads that will rule the SERPs. Also, Google makes many changes yearly on its search algorithms. These changes could inevitably affect your search ranking.

Several trends and shifts are expected in the years to come, so here are 5 SEO trends that we expect to see this 2020.


Voice Search Optimization

Voice searching is becoming popular as people search queries in the same manner they speak. As per Data, 60% of people who use smartphones have tried vice search at least once in the past 12 months. As per teenagers, 55% of them use voice search on a daily basis.  Because of the voice-based technology, voice search is expected to play a crucial part in SEO this 2020.

Voice searches are conducted through a voice assistant like Siri and Google (which dominates the voice search market). Instead of manually typing your queries in the browser on your computer or smartphones, you perform the search using your voice.

Voice search will definitely change SEO but note that this change is for the better. It is changing how people navigate search engines to learn new information and make purchases. It presents unique challenges but also new opportunities for marketers. So if you want your brand to stay visible, you will need to reassess your SEO strategies so you can accommodate these changes. This year, voice searches are expected to dominate at least half of all searches.

Using influencers

According to statistics, most businesses spent half of their marketing budget on influencers, especially those who are in fashion, beauty and lifestyle industry. This is because influencers are effective in promoting products and increasing brand awareness compared to a paid advertisement.

Ads overwhelmed most online users; that is why they will look for information that they can trust. These days, users considered influencers as the source of authentic information through their reviews. People will most likely trust the information they get from the influencer than a paid ad.

So how does using influencer will affect your SEO tactics? Working with an influencer will give you a high chance of getting natural backlinks for your website that will improve your site ranking. If you work with an influential blogger who has his own website, and will make contents that would link to your website, this creates a high-quality backlink for your website. In addition, if this influencer will share your link, there are high chances that people will also share your link.

This year, influencers are expected to boost your marketing and will help you build a quality link profile.

Video Content Marketing

Creating a video for marketing should become crucial as part of your SEO strategies and digital marketing tactics. Video marketing is the second largest search engine platform, but as per a study, starting this year, over 80% of online traffic will be from videos.  So if you are not using videos as part of your marketing strategies, you are missing out a big part.

Video content marketing is crucial if you want to earn more leads. It also helps a lot in building brand awareness. Businesses that use video marketing enjoy more revenue compared to those who are using other forms of marketing.

Videos are very effective when it comes to answering questions, giving new information and building relationship with your audience. That is why online digital marketing company suggests that you use videos as part of your digital marketing strategies. However, you need to make sure that you use the latest video formats and apply the latest techniques so that you won’t be left behind by your competitors.

Mobile Search

Don’t be surprised if this has become a trend. For your business to survive in 2020, you need to fix your mobile optimization. It means you have to build your website for mobile, and your SEO strategies should be mobile-driven.

Technology is continuously evolving, and how users find information on their mobiles has become advanced. Therefore, it’s not enough that you only have a mobile website, but it also necessary that your interface should grab people’s attention. Your site should also have the ability to answer user’s queries; information is easy to read and at least keep your audience entertained.

When you optimize or build your website, instead of visualizing a person sitting in front of a computer, picture out a person who uses his mobile phone to find your website. You also need to study mobile SERPs. You have to know what kind of traffic you should expect and what type of optimization will be successful.

The digital experience for users

Many companies have moved to a digital-approach to improve the experience of their customers on their website. And over 50% of these companies said that the improvement led to an increase in revenue.

We cannot deny that almost online users want digital experience. Even if your website contains high-quality contents and amazing snippets, if your website takes too long to load or the interface is quite complex, your overall site means nothing.

Successful companies know that in order to build a long-lasting relationship with customers, they need to have a good website experience. The customer experience will significantly affect your search ranking because only those users who have a good experience will spend time exploring your site.

Always aim to provide the best user experience by helping your customers find the information they are looking for and make it easy for them to proceed to the next step. Avoid using complex words that may difficult to understand. Your messages should be clear enough to avoid confusion. Complexity and lacks of clarity can cause a bounce rate and affect your SEO negatively.

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