Top 10 Cryptocurrency Exchanges by Volume

Cryptocurrency exchanges are platforms where users can buy, sell, and trade various cryptocurrencies. The volume of trading on these exchanges is a crucial metric, as it indicates their liquidity and popularity within the crypto community. High trading volume often signifies a more active and accessible market.


In July 2023, Binance faced significant challenges as several senior executives resigned, and reports indicated that the company had cut its workforce by up to 1,000 employees. CNBC suggested that the staff cuts might reach 3,000 by the end of 2023. These developments followed the SEC’s lawsuit against Binance and reports of $790 million in outflows in June, despite the exchange having approximately 120 million global users. Binance’s CEO, Changpeng Zhao, downplayed the reported numbers and disputed some reasons behind the executive departures, as the exchange navigated a period of increased regulatory scrutiny and operational changes.


Huobi is a prominent global cryptocurrency exchange that has established itself as a leader in the industry. With a track record of zero security incidents since 2013, it has earned a reputation for being secure and reliable, providing users with peace of mind when trading digital assets. The exchange’s clear and user-friendly interface caters to both novice and experienced traders, enhancing the overall user experience.

Huobi’s global reach is impressive, with a user base exceeding 20 million across 130+ countries and regions. This international presence underscores its commitment to serving a diverse range of clients worldwide. Furthermore, Huobi boasts one of the highest BTC trading volumes globally, solidifying its position as a key player in the cryptocurrency market. With a vast selection of over 10,000 cryptocurrencies to choose from, Huobi offers traders a comprehensive array of options, making it a go-to platform for those looking to explore the ever-expanding world of digital assets.

Coinbase Pro

Coinbase Pro is the advanced cryptocurrency trading platform offered by Coinbase, known for its user-friendly interface and a range of features tailored for experienced traders. With a seamless onboarding process, users can swiftly create an account and link their bank account to get started in just a few minutes.

One of its standout features is the ability to manage your cryptocurrency portfolio efficiently. Coinbase Pro allows users to buy and sell a variety of popular digital currencies while providing a single, consolidated view of their assets.

Security is a top priority, and like Coinbase, Coinbase Pro stores the majority of digital assets in secure offline storage, ensuring the safety of users’ funds. Furthermore, it supports a wide range of the most popular digital currencies, offering traders a diverse selection to choose from. With a robust trading infrastructure, Coinbase Pro is a go-to platform for those looking for a secure and feature-rich trading experience in the cryptocurrency market.


Bitfinex is a world-class cryptocurrency trading platform known for its advanced features and top-tier liquidity. It offers a wide range of digital assets, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, Litecoin, Ripple, NEO, and more, with minimal slippage, making it a preferred choice for traders. The platform supports margin trading with up to 10x leverage, and liquidity providers can earn yields by funding traders seeking leverage. Bitfinex provides a suite of order types, advanced charting tools, and a customizable interface, allowing traders to tailor their workspace to their needs. Security is a top priority, and the platform offers robust measures to safeguard user information and funds.

Additionally, Bitfinex caters to professional traders and institutional investors with features like expedited verification, sub-accounts, and dedicated customer support. With its extensive features and strong focus on security, Bitfinex is a go-to exchange for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and professionals alike.


Kraken is a renowned cryptocurrency exchange that offers financial freedom to millions of users worldwide. With over 10 million clients in 190+ countries and a staggering quarterly trading volume of $207 billion, Kraken stands as a trusted platform for buying, selling, and trading over 200 cryptocurrencies.

This user-friendly exchange simplifies the crypto journey, enabling users to start with as little as $10. Kraken’s mobile apps make it effortless to enter the world of cryptocurrencies, and for those seeking knowledge, their Learn Center provides valuable educational resources.

Kraken’s commitment to customer service is evident through its 24/7/365 support and a responsive Live Chat feature. Additionally, Kraken offers staking opportunities, allowing users to earn rewards of up to 24% annually by staking their assets.

Bittrex Global

Bittrex Global is a leading regulated digital asset exchange that prioritizes security and compliance, making it a trusted platform for millions of users worldwide. With a remarkable 4.6/5 rating on the App Store, it emphasizes security, deploying multiple layers of protection and cutting-edge technology to safeguard user funds and transactions.

Beyond being a trading platform, Bittrex Global believes in the transformative potential of blockchain technology and actively collaborates with teams worldwide to advance innovative tokens that can reshape various industries. Their custom-built trading engine ensures speed and scalability, facilitating real-time order execution even during peak demand. Bittrex Global also supports third-party trading platforms and algorithmic trading through its extensive APIs.


OKEx is a cryptocurrency exchange that prides itself on being faster, better, and stronger than the average crypto exchange. With a user-friendly interface and a commitment to providing top-notch services, OKEx aims to cater to both beginners and experienced traders.

One of its standout features is the ability to buy crypto for as little as $5, making it accessible to newcomers in the crypto space. OKEx also offers powerful APIs, ensuring fast transactions and low fees for professional traders.


KuCoin is a globally recognized cryptocurrency exchange known for its expansive offerings and a strong presence in the crypto market. With a user base of 29 million global investors in over 200 countries, KuCoin has established itself as a popular choice for traders and investors worldwide.

The platform boasts a diverse selection of over 700 cryptocurrencies, along with a robust 24-hour trading volume of $1.79 billion, providing ample liquidity for users. KuCoin’s interface is user-friendly and offers features like spot trading, margin trading, leveraged tokens, and a Halo Wallet for secure self-custody storage. is a cryptocurrency exchange that boasts a significant presence in the digital asset market, with over 13 million registered users and a trading volume of 5.61 billion in 24 hours. Offering a wide selection of over 1,700 cryptocurrencies, is a platform where users can engage in spot trading, futures trading, and lending, among other features.

One standout aspect of is its commitment to security, backed by substantial investments in security and law funds. The exchange provides efficient trading, instant deposit and withdrawal services, and has maintained a stable and reliable operation since 2013. offers an ecosystem of products and services, including margin trading, trading bots, yield-earning opportunities, and NFT creation. Their dedication to security, transparency, and innovation positions as a trusted exchange for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and traders seeking a comprehensive and secure trading experience.


Gemini is a reputable cryptocurrency exchange and custodian known for its commitment to security and compliance. Founded in 2014 by Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, early cryptocurrency investors, Gemini was established to provide a trustworthy platform for managing digital assets securely. It has since become a prominent player in the cryptocurrency industry, serving users in over 70 countries.

Gemini offers a user-friendly platform for buying, selling, and storing a wide range of cryptocurrencies, making it accessible to both beginners and experienced traders. With a strong emphasis on security, Gemini has obtained certifications such as ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and SOC 1 Type 2 and SOC 2 Type 2, demonstrating its dedication to protecting users’ assets.


The top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges by trading volume represent the cornerstone of the digital asset market, offering a diverse array of trading options for cryptocurrency enthusiasts worldwide. These exchanges, including Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, Huobi, and others, play a pivotal role in facilitating the buying, selling, and trading of a multitude of cryptocurrencies. Their sheer volume highlights the growing popularity of digital assets and underscores the importance of liquidity in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. As the industry continues to evolve, these exchanges remain at the forefront, contributing to the ongoing transformation of the financial landscape by providing secure, accessible, and efficient platforms for crypto trading and investment.

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