Best Android Emulators for Windows

Android operating system is the people’s choice nowadays and is being part of their life. The main reason for this is because the android user interface is very user friendly and easy to use. People want to use Android in the big screen like the Desktops and laptops but then there are people who want to use windows and Android altogether. The only solution for this is using Android Emulators for Windows. An Android emulator is one which can run Android operating system in Windows operating system. Here are few Android Emulators that you can use in your Android Operating system.

Remix OS player

 This is one of the best android emulator based on the marshmallow version of the Android operating system. The player has the multi window functionality and is optimised for android gaming. This emulator offers the best experience of Android Operating system and Android Gaming in your windows PC. The player is free to use and free to update as well without any hassle. The recommended settings for installing this player is you need have Windows 7 (64 bit) or higher version of windows, you need to have at least a core i3 processor along with 4 GB Ram and at least 16GB. The Virtualization technology should also be enabled in your BIOS system as well. The emulator is a one-click setup and one-click start.

NOX Player

Nox player is a free Android simulator for windows operating system that runs on Android 4.4.2 Kitkat version. The app creates a virtual Tablet on your windows screen and you can run Android Apps on the tablet. The tablet that you will be saying in your desktop will be running Android operating system on it. This player has a simple user interface that makes the app easy to use. The player has intuitive keyboard mapping for app and game controls. The player has also a support for multiple devices.  The Nox player is AMD compatible/ x86 compatible i.e. you can run this player even on PC’s with AMD chipsets. You need to login with your email id in order to get access to its features however you can log in into it with multiple accounts simultaneously.

MEmu Player

 This Android emulator is based on Android OS Lollipop but the thing is that it comes with Android 4.2 Jellybean. However, you can always upgrade to the lollipop version by downloading some additional packages. This is a high performance emulator for the windows operating system. The MEmu player however, supports and is compatible with NVDIA or Intel powered PC’s and is also compatible with AMD chipsets. On opening the player you will find the menus on the right side of the screen. The MEmu player comes preloaded with Google play store so that you can download your favourite apps from the Google Playstore always. The speciality of this player is that the apk files in your PC get identified by this player automatically and if you double click on the apk then it gets installed in your player.

AMIDuOS Player

 The AMIDuOS player is also known as the DuOS player which runs Android Lollipop 5.1. This player has been designed by a Georgia based company called American Megatrends. The player does not come with pre-installed Google Playstore rather it comes with Amazon app store. There is also a Jellybean downloadable version as well if the users want to download it on purpose. Other than that you can always download apk from third party website other than Google Playstore. It supports external hardware GPS and Gamepads. You can set the hardware configuration manually for this Gamepad. It has the ability to RUN on Root mode as well which is a plus point for the developers. He keyboard mapping in this app is not very useful though and hence you need to add an external Gamepad in order to play Games.

Genymotion player

This player has emerged as the one of the greatest emulator and also as an alternative to the Android Studio default emulator. This player is intended for development purposes only. However, you can also use this player as for personal use as well. The best feature of this app is that you can use any Smartphone and use it as simulator in this player. The app supports Android 4.4.1 Kitkat up to Android 7.0 Noughut. The free version comes with battery level, camera, and GPS coordinates support. The premium version of this app supports remote handling of this app and screen casting like other features. Before using this app make sure that you have enabled Virtualization technology in the boot menu and the latest version of the Virtual Box installed as well. They also let you a private access which is a cloud-based online simulator and to get this online base simulator you need to request them.

Blue stacks player

The Blue stacks player is one of the oldest Android simulators for windows platform. This popular Android simulator is based on Android 4.4.1 KitKat. This player comes with Google play store preinstalled and the Interface of this player is very user-friendly as well. With the updated version of Blue stacks, you can broadcast a live stream on twitch to show your Gaming abilities. You can also broadcast yourself on Facebook live as well. The Blue stacks player comes with the free and ad-free version as well.  This player does not demands any special requirements other than windows operating system of version 7 or higher, to run.  His player also supports Multi tasking feature so that you can use it like you are using an Android Smartphone.


These players or modulators are a very useful tool, which helps to simulate Android operating system on windows PC. Sometimes you need to take the entertainment to the big screen and that has been made possible only with these simulators. These Simulators still lags the complete Android Environment especially the hardware/software interaction. Maybe this will get rectified in the coming days.

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