Driving Traffic to Your New WordPress Website: 5 Tips

If you’ve just launched your new shiny WordPress blog, you definitely have your hopes up as you’ve worked so hard on it. And yet, no matter how beautiful the design is or how high the quality of the content, your traffic stats don’t climb up as much as you want them to. This happens because there are over 75 million websites on WordPress alone and millions more on other platforms. This means that in order to drive traffic to a new WordPress website you’ll need to use a variety of techniques.

Note that the first thing you should do is to study the guide to attracting traffic created by the actual WordPress team. It’ll give you a solid grounding in basics that you must do in order to have any chance of succeeding here.

5 Tips for Driving Traffic to a New WordPress Website

1.    Use breadcrumbs

Breadcrumb navigation is nothing new, which is one of the reasons why many peop0le disregard it today. However, it has been and remains one of the most effective methods of navigation and boosts the visitor’s comfort level when they are browsing through your pages.

Google is also an important advocate of using breadcrumbs. It includes them in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) and instantly adds another layer of attraction for a potential visitor. The breadcrumbs displayed in Google SERPs add more ‘dimension’ to your website and hint at other interesting pages.

2.    Prevent technical problems by choosing excellent web hosting

If your new WordPress website is running on a shared hosting (as they usually do), you’ll need to choose the service wisely. Today you can find an inexpensive web host. However, make sure to study its reviews and inquire about the hardware used by the service. This is necessary to determine if the server will be able to handle an influx of traffic in the future.

Hosting your website with a reputed service is a great way to avoid many technical problems and frequent breakdowns. If money is an issue, look for discount coupons and special offers from the leading firms.

3.    Use a SEO plugin

Driving traffic to a new WordPress website is largely about SEO. Luckily, there is a WP plugin for everything, including search engine optimization. This means that using this solution will allow you to optimize the website even if your personal knowledge of SEO is very limited.

The most popular plugins of this type are All in One SEO Pack and Yoast SEO.

4.    Rework your current permalinks

A new WordPress website will have quite un-Google-friendly permalinks (URLs) because this platform obeys some unknown rules when creating them. In order to make your website more visible to Google and therefore drive more traffic, you’ll need to tweak URLs yourself. Try to make them short and if possible, include your title and keywords into the URL.

Changing permalinks on WordPress to a more SEO-friendly version is very easy. You simply need to select ‘Permalinks’ in the WP dashboard and selecting the ‘Post Name’ option. Save the changes and your website will automatically generate good URLs.

5.    Add rich snippets to your WP website

Rich snippets are a great tool for driving traffic to a new WordPress website. They increase the website’s visibility for search engines and provide important metadata to a potential visitor. In essence, you get a chance to persuade the user to go to your website by providing interesting and captivating snippets of information they need.

Adding rich snippets to WordPress by hand is a grueling and lengthy process. If your knowledge of coding isn’t very good, consider using a specialized plugin, like All in One Rich Snippets.

Driving traffic is a gradual process that requires continuous effort and regular content updates. Don’t feel disheartened if your website didn’t rocket up in ratings right away. Instead, focus on increasing its visibility.

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