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Install Android 4.1 Cyanagenmod 10 On Your Galaxy Gio mobile- How To Tutorial

Install Android 4.1 Cyanagenmod 10 On Your Galaxy Gio mobile

Are you a proud owner of an Android powered smart phone? Android OS has changed the way of using phones and has made these devices to be an integrated part of daily life. Life is made so easy with these intelligent gadgets and almost any luxury is just a touch away! There are several applications which will help you to unleash the potential of your Android phones. The internet helps you in finding the best of applications which will change the face of your gadget. Cyanogenmod is one of the most suited applications for your Android gadget that comes with preloaded features.

Install Android 4.1 Cyanagenmod 10 On Your Galaxy Gio mobile

Samsung and Android platform:

Samsung is one of the leading manufacturers of Android powered phones and tablets. It introduces revolutionary designs and models with better hardware features that can support any forms of software and applications. The latest sensation from Samsung is its S3 series, Notebook series and tablet versions. Cyanogenmod will help the gadget owners to witness a revolutionary performance and visual treat.

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Stunning Features of Cyanogenmod:

This application is stuffed with hot and robust features such as

Lockscreen gestures:  It will help you to draw and create a pattern which will internally trigger applications that will lock and unlock the screens.

Phone goggles: It is a stunning feature which will filter the outgoing communication such as unwanted SMS, outgoing calls etc. The results can be filtered and the devices can be tightly controlled by the owners. There are several settings which can be altered to enable better performance on the phone.

Incognito Mode: It lets you to browse through the internet pages in the safe and incognito mode.

Themes support: It helps you to set different themes and even lets you to create your unique theme for the gadget.

DSP Equalizer: The outstanding sound capabilities will be enhanced by this application and lets you enjoy the quality of music.

The above described information is enough to kindle your interests in installing this application in your gadget. It’s time to install the application in your Galaxy GIO phone and here is the tutorial to do the same.

It is not a herculean task to install CyanogenMod10 on your Galaxy Gio phone. It is not the right thing to expect Samsung to give further OTA updates in the near future. Users can easily install the developer version of this application without waiting for official updates from Samsung. The software is still in the labs and is undergoing a rapid change in its phase of development. It has a smoother interface with better keyboard and voice features. Here is the procedure to install CyanogenMod10 on your Galaxy Gio mobile.

Features that do not work:

  • Headphone and microphone will not work
  • Camera functionalities will not be supported
  • FM radio does not work anymore

Installation Process:

It is important to install ClockworkMod Recovery tool before proceeding with the installation of Cyanamod. It is also advised to take a proper back up of your phone data to be on the safe side.

  • The pre-requisite files can be downloaded from this link
  • Installing Android 4.1 Jelly Bean
  • Connect the mobile to the computer.
  • Transfer the CM10 ROM files from your computer to the mobile.
  • Disconnect the mobile connection and switch it off.
  • Now, switch on your mobile phone and start the ClockworkMod Recovery tool. Now press Volume Down +Home+Power buttons and allow the device to boot.
  • Now select the option “Install Zip from SD Card” . The ZIP file is the one that was transferred from the computer to the mobile device.
  • The installation process will take about ten minutes and wait until it gets completed.
  • Once the installation is complete, go to the recovery menu and select “reboot system now” option.

So, you have successfully installed Android 4.1 Jelly Bean CM10 on your Galaxy Gio mobile. It’s time to unleash the power of your Android powered Galaxy Gio mobile. There are so many reviews which have heralded the prowess of this Galaxy series device. Hence, you can be a proud owner of the phone and letting off your imaginative wings.

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