Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Advert teases the best new features

SAMSUNG has revealed an advert for its most-anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone which is expected to release on August 2. And it doesn’t leave much to the imagination.

The new trailer is a bit far from subtle, and includes a number of heavy-handed hints about the exciting new features coming to the next-generation handset. The video shows some of the major feature that Note 7 is going to have this year. Samsung, who has already confirmed the Galaxy Note 7 will be announced on August 2nd 2016, posted the advertisement on its official YouTube page. The fast-paced advert does not reveal what the new phone will look like, but it does provide a bucket full of hints about what customers can expect.

There may have been fewer Android devices released this year, but manufacturers are definitely concentrating on quality over quantity, a trend that we expect to see continue in coming months as well. To ensure that you start the year with the best Android kit, check out our Gear of the Year feature, starting on pl2. We’ve selected the best flagship, mid-range, budget and import phones, the year’s top tablet, Chromebook and smartwatch, not to mention the finest accessories, apps and games. We even reveal the best manufacturer and retailer, and what makes them so good. Now, talking about Note 7 teaser here. Going clip-by-clip, it is pretty obvious which of the rumored features will make its way to market with the Galaxy Note 7. The Video start with an index finger slams against the screen (in first 30 sec), which hints that we’ll see the fingerprint scanner make a return to the Galaxy Note range.

But while fingerprint scanners are now the standard amongst flagship devices, the Note 7 is rumoured to debut an iris scanner which will surely adds an edge over its competitors and enhance mobile security to an extent. This is not obviously suggests in the advert, aside from showing the frustration of unlocking a device with a complex passcode now they are making it quite simpler.

Samsung’s iris scanner is expected to unlock the device after it has checked your identity with a quick scan of your eyeballs. For that you have to keep your eyes around 10-14 cm towards the selfie camera and it will detect you automatically in fraction of seconds. It could be a very cool addition to the flagship device, and might prove to be more convenient than current generation fingerprint sensors.

However the latest leak around the feature suggests it might also prove to be a bit rubbish, and a waste of time. We will see how think works after the release of Note 7 and how much people likes this features or not. Samsung’s teaser advert also shows a woman lying on her side, holding a lightbulb to her face.

Could the Galaxy Note 7 include a front-facing LED sounds good as people these days are more likely takes selfies, or will it use a similar technology to the iPhone 6S and over-drive the display to create a flash for selfies?

S-Pen upgrades are clearly on the cards as the YouTube advert cuts to highlighters drawing around passages in a book. But the most exciting tease in the advert comes as five old-fashioned phones are plunged into water. This seems to prove the long-rumoured inclusion of a water resistant design – a first for the Samsung Galaxy Note series.

The Galaxy Note 7 will also have IP68 Standard water and dust resistant which makes it supreme device. Finally, the YouTube clip confirms that Samsung will be skipping over the Note 6, straight to the Note 7 brand name. The technology firm says this is to “minimise confusion about the latest mobile technology from Samsung, and provide full alignment with Galaxy S smartphone.”

The jump means that both of Samsung’s flagship smartphones will be named with  7 –  Galaxy Note 7. It will also put Samsung on the same track as the Apple iPhone, which is rumoured to be called iPhone 7 when it is released this September. Not alluded to within the ad is the rumour that the Note 7 will run on a powerful Samsung Galaxy Exynos 8893 chipset and will have 6GB of RAM.

Another rumour claims that the Galaxy Note 7 will come with some amazing new translation features. The new Dictionary and Speaking services will let users quickly translate words from one language to another, as well as finally introduce a reliable text-to-speech functionality.

According to serial leaker Evan Blass, who posted a swathe of high resolution product renders earlier this month, the Galaxy Note 7 will ship in either Black Onyx, Silver Titanium or Blue Coral.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be unveiled in a series of simultaneous press events across the globe on August 2nd 2016. Stay tuned with us for more leaks of upcoming Note.

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