Facebook New Feature Rides Sharing

Facebook which is famous online social networking service will always entertain us with best features. With this changing world Facebook also comes with most advanced features and will entertain its users. Now-a-days everyone is having Facebook account. Facebook , now announced about its one more feature ‘Ride Sharing’ on Friday. This is going to be a gift to all Facebook users for the year 2016. The complete feature not yet confirmed as Facebook still fighting for its patent rights. Most of us have a habit of browsing Facebook regularly. For such users this feature will be helpful and useful. It can save our money for travelling and it will solve the problem of travelling alone.

Some of the specifications of this Rides Sharing are mentioned below. As this is not yet confirmed we don’t have perfect overview of this feature. Travelling person will have two options: Going and Driving and Going but not Driving. Depending on your position we can select any option and can post entire details of our journey. Interested people will join us which saves money. All other people will have three options: Going, Not Going and Interested. We can choose any of the options and can share our thoughts with them. As this is a general problem of travelling to long places, this feature will solve all such problems. Many people are waiting for this App and Facebook will release this as soon as possible.

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