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How to Bypass iCloud Verification in Simple Steps

Ah, Apple! The wonderful company who makes money, err, I mean “innovative technology”. They have a proud history of making their users stand in line to become poorer, and obey whatever their phones say for the rest of their ownership.

One such amazingly overpriced product of theirs is their cloud storage service, iCloud. You sometimes make a common human mistake and end up getting locked out of your account on there. As a result, you get prompted every now and then to log back in to your iCloud account to access the “full features” of your prestigious iPhone. If it has not been clear up until this point, let me just point out that I am not a fan of Apple and their product ideology by any stretch of imagination (yeah, I’m an android guy, so judge me). But I am going t help you out anyway. Because I am a good lad!

To all those who are trying to bypass iCloud lock, because you cheaped out and bought a pre-owned iPhone (because you just had to get a piece of that Apple life!) and now you can’t contact them to get the iCloud credentials. This article will help you bypass the activation lock on your iCloud account and get into your pre-owned luxury device. Let’s get started!

Use DNS Bypass

One of the smartest ways of unlocking your activation lock of the iCloud account is by using the DNS Bypass method. It may get a little bit confusing, so make sure you follow these instructions correctly.

Also, take note that since Apple is so stuck up with their rues and policies with respect to iCloud, you will NOT get full functionalities of your device. All the features that you were promised before purchase will not available to you since they require a working iCloud account. But since you have been screwed over with the credentials, this is your second best choice.

  1. reboot your device and prepare it to be set as new.
  2. start the set up as usual, by selecting your country and the language that you prefer.
  3. when you are asked to connect to a Wi-Fi network, click on the “I” symbol which is right to the network that you have around you.
  4. There, in the DNS section, enter these IP addresses depending on your region.

For North America:

For Europe:

For Asia:

For remaining parts of the world:

Then, enter your Wi-Fi password and click on the join this network option on the top and hit the back button on your top left corner.

  1. your phone will go to enable some services and try to log in. Just hit the back button and exit out of there. As soon as you come back, a pop u screen should appear.

Essentially, this is your phone now! The website that pops up will provide you a lot of functionalities that you would need, such as social media, some basic games, SMS services and others. Of course, this is a simulator and is full of crappy ads, but that’s still better than nothing, right?

This method might seem as a bummer for most of you, because you might’ve been hoping that this will completely bypass iCloud signup, but I’m afraid fooling your beloved company is not that easy. That said, there is this one other trick that I saw on YouTube and it just might work out. Here’s a description of what I saw.

Sim Card Trick

That’s right, I would like to call it the Sim card trick. Basically, you first need to choose forget network on you Wi-Fi network and power off your phone. Then, power it back on and go to the page in set up where it asks your Apple ID and stuff. At that point, remove the Sim card using the ejector pin tool and shut off your phone once again.

Reboot it and get to the same page using your same Wi-Fi, and now is the part where you trick the phone. You insert the Sim card and at the exact same time, you need to power your phone down. I know, this seems like an awful lot of boot cycles. But you got yourself into this mess, and I’m trying to give you all available options here.

Power it back up once again, and this time, your phone will be confused as to what happened the last time, since you inserted the sim card and shut down the phone at the same time. This might take a couple of tries, but your phone will eventually slip ahead of the verification for iCloud and allow you to register your Touch ID and other things. If that screen pops up, congratulations! You bypassed the iCloud activation lock! Like I said, this might take a couple of tries, so mess around with the menus a bit. Go back and forth to confuse your phone. It has worked on many phones and you might be able to get yours up and running too. Good luck!

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