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Ways to Move to a New Level with your Online Store

Even if you are an experienced business owner or marketer, one day you can come to the deadlock and have no fresh ideas of how to move further. You’ve created lots of marketing campaigns, researched many forums, and even redesigned your site a few times. What else?

It’s a hard question. But I’ll try to show you some good ideas for further development and growth. They might help you move off dead center.

Create a loyalty program

What is a loyalty program? It is a way to show your customers that you care and that they are important to you. In terms of business, a loyalty program is an effective retention tool.

There are different types of loyalty programs. Most of them include levels that should be earned by customers. The level may depend on an amount spent during a particular period of time and/or other actions performed in the store: sharing a product, referring a friend, etc.

Anyway the terms of your loyalty program greatly depend on your audience and niche, so you can study your competitors and similar stores loyalty programs to get an idea of what to include in yours.

Find new ways of reporting

website analytics system

I assume you are using at least one website analytics system (if you don’t, what are you waiting for?). Most businesses use Google Analytics as it is free and packed with useful reports and metrics.

However, it is still a 3rd party solution that may create some discrepancies in the reported and real data. On the other hand, many eCommerce platforms have their own built-in analytics systems.

For example, Magento has a report on items bought in the store. But the report is not informative. So you can find ways to customize it or create advanced reports with the help of special extensions. Such reports can give you a firsthand overview of your products performance and sales stats in general.

A/B test your pages

It’s never late to split test your pages. There are many ideas to try: change images, descriptions, layout, etc.

Just remember a few things before starting A/B tests:

  1. Create a plan for A/B testing rather than create such tests randomly;
  2. In most cases you will need to create a full duplicate of the tested page;
  3. make sure there is an ability to insert a code in the head section of a single page on your site;
  4. Decide which metric will be used to measure success of your experiments.

Try something new

If you haven’t worked with Adwords, create campaigns; if you don’t send abandoned cart reminders, start sending them; if you don’t ask for customer reviews, start doing that. I guess you’ve understood the logic. Just think about the areas that you’ve never explored and study them.

Remember that no matter how much you’ve already done and implemented, there is always something more to do.

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