Google Analytics App for Android now available

As we all know that Google Analytics is a essential thing and the most important and major tool from Google for all the site owners and bloggers ( it don’t matters whether its a newbie or a professional blogger everyone wants it) as it helps all of them to keep an eye on their site’s traffic view ( whether its a unique view or page views), they are dependable on Google Analytics for everything related to website.

Google Analytics

And till now everyone was waiting for the Google Analytics to be realised on the Android platform, but now you all don’t have to wait anymore as Google has released it on Android platform.

We got this information from the Analytic’s blog as they have announced today the launch and the availability of the Google Analytics App for the android devices.

Google Analytics App for Android

With the first version of the Google Analytics app, the users will be able to see these reports to see the most needed data for your websites and app anywhere at anytime:

Real Time

This will show you the number of visitors you currently have and a bunch of lists of websites that are currently popular.


The most important feature of this app, it monetizes the KPIs and user metrics. By default, you will be able to see the daily unique visitor and goal conversion rates, the dashboard can be customized easily if you want to.

Automatic and Customized Alerts

It detects statistical anomalies in your data and when there is something unusual it send an alert to you. You can either get automatic alerts or you can customize the settings to send alerts base on your benchmarks.

With the Google Analytics, you can easily access the same profiles and accounts you access on your desktop browser, but you will see the reports that have been customized for your device

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