Kimoji App by Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian, who is a famous social media personality, and well known as a model launched an exclusive App “Kimoji”. She has been working on this App for two years and finally launched on 21st December, 2015 this Monday. We generally use Emoji’s for different applications. Everybody is found of Emoji’s because they will express our feelings exactly. Now we have a crazy updated app Kimoji which is more advanced version of Emoji. The name came from the existing App Emoji and launch by Kim Kardashian and hence named Kimoji.

Coming to this App, we have more than 250 icons in this app. According to social media reports, more than 9000 people were downloading this App for one millisecond which is unexpected activity. The App got released under the collaboration of Whalerock Digital Media, which is famous for its TV applications. There are some complaints for this App for which Kim Kardashian tweeted that the issues are because of massive downloads at single point of time. This App provides extra crazy Emojis which will attract people easily and will definitely going to shake the world. Even Kim Kardashian didn’t expect such a huge response in very short span of time period.

Kimoji App is specially designed for and will support iOs versions. Kimoji is compatible with Apple devices. We generally use Message, Watsapp, Facebook, Email in many more in our day to day life. We will have Emojis provided for all the above applications. Now we also use Kimojis App for same applications which is more updated and exciting while using.

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