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Clocking In And Out

In order to keep track of the hours that employees work and employees who might not show up for work, you can use a time clock that is placed at an entrance door. There are various kinds of employee time clocks available. Some of them have cards that are punched at the time of arrival and when the employee leaves. These can sometimes be hard to keep track of, and if the card is lost, it’s hard to go back and definitively say what hours were worked. Another option is a keypad system. Each person is given a number, and the number is entered in a computer system when the time begins and ends. Lunch hours are tracked as well as employees will clock in and out when they take a break. Clocks can be purchased by companies like Allied Time and can easily be installed in a matter of minutes. It does take a little longer to make sure each person is entered into a system and that the system is operating as it should.

A time clock system makes it easy for office staff to see how many hours each person works through the week. The hours are calculated with the wages, and paychecks are then created. If there are deductions, then they are taken from the check. If the staff has to manually calculate all of these figures, it could take a longer amount of time, which could result in a delay of checks that are given to employees.

Sometimes, there are people who don’t want to go to work, and instead of calling management, they simply don’t show up at the job. A time clock is a way to keep track of those who aren’t there through the week. Once employers see that there are those who aren’t devoted to the company, then they can do something about it, such as a warning or dismissing the employee. A system makes it harder for other employees to clock in and out for others as each person would have a badge or identification number that is only for that person.

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