Emporio Armani Watches Buyer’s Guide 2021

The Armani brand is well-known for its clothing, accessories, and more worldwide. The brand speaks volumes. If you’re an Armani fan, you shouldn’t miss out on their watch models to complete your overall look. Here’s a complete guide on your next luxury wristwatch purchase.

Pick a Collection

The Emporio Armani wristwatch sits in the middle tier of Armani accessories. They exude chic and sporty designs perfect for customers in their mid 20’s and early 30’s. However, several watch enthusiasts and Armani fans are having difficulty picking the right Emporio Armani watch to add to their Armani collection.

Start by choosing a collection: Fashion watches, Swiss-made watches, and Connected watches. The Fashion and Swiss-made watches are fitting for any occasion. If you want a more quirky and sporty approach on your wristwatches, browse through the Connected collection.

The Fashion and Connected collections boast the Emporio Armani logo, mostly found at the 12 o’clock mark. However, some models come with more prominent logos, particularly on the Emporio Armani smartwatches and watch with clockwork mechanisms. Swiss-made watches offer a straightforward approach in design with only the brand name and few embellishments.

Feminine or Masculine Designs

All collections offer watch models for their men and women customers. If you prefer a shorter wrist size and smaller dials, you can check out the women’s collection models. They come in rose gold, yellow gold, and silver stainless steel and leather straps.

You can send your female colleagues the Woman Two-hands Stainless Steel Watch. It’s one of the models with simple yet luxurious designs, and the watch features a rose gold-tone and white mother-of-pearl dial with baguette-stones embellishments.

If you prefer wider straps and more extensive dial measurements, you should shop at the men’s wristwatch section. It offers striking and dark colors perfect for any formal and sporty attire. They say you can never go wrong with black. The Steel Strap Watch features a black stainless steel strap and mother-of-pearl dial perfect for any luxurious events.

Colors, Colors, Colors

The Emporio Armani watch collection offers a variety of color options that you can use for any outfit. If you need watches perfect for any corporate attire, you can purchase a black, blue, and silver wristwatch model.

Get the overall combination from the Smartwatch 3 Hybrid – Stainless Steel. It features a smart technology that can track your activities and send your notifications such as email, texts, and alarms. It’s compatible with Android 5.0+ and iOS 10.0+ phone models. The silver stainless steel case and blue dial make it the perfect go-to watch when you’re in a rush.

If you prefer to sport dresses and suits with striking colors, you can opt for gold, brown, green, pink, and red wristwatches. Emporio Armani doesn’t shy away from getting too funky with their color schemes. The Two-Hand Multicolor Striped Leather Watch features tones of rose gold with dotted indexes perfect for bright and everyday wear.

Strap Categories

Another thing you should consider for your next wristwatch purchase is the straps. Emporio Armani offers two well-made, beautifully designed straps for all clients. For a more classy and luxurious approach, steel straps are the best choice. You can get yellow gold, rose gold, silver, and two-toned yellow and silver strapped wristwatch models.

Get the best of both worlds by purchasing the Three-Hand Two-Tone Stainless Steel Watch. The silver sunray dial, rose gold roman numeral, and stainless steel bracelet combinations make it the watch model ideal for any outfit – be it for formal and everyday attire.

Aside from stainless steel straps, you can browse through the leather-strapped collection of Emporio Armani and exude elegance and simplicity. Get casual with the Three-Hand Brown Leather Watch. It features a clean cream sunray dial and a hint of gold on the indexes, a small date window, and a brown leather strap.

Spring-Summer Season

The downside and advantage of the Emporio Armani watch collection is their season collection. They only have the Spring-Summer models, making it easier for customers to browse through the vast array of watch models. Though they come in the two seasons, you can also complete your winter and autumn with these wristwatches.

Both men and women categories offer the Spring Summer collection. If you want to purchase a watch model ideal for spring, summer, and winter, you can buy the Man Stainless Steel Chronograph. The blue dials exude coolness, while the black indexes and stainless steel mesh make it perfect for any dark and lighter outfit.

You can never go wrong with simple designs during the autumn season. The Woman Two-hands Leather Watch offers refined details and slim gold vertical bars bringing out the simplicity amid fall season colors. It’s ideal to be paired with relaxing wear used in the summer, autumn, and spring.


Armani fans are always looking for ways to complete their Armani wardrobe. But they can be costly. With Emporio Armani watches, you can achieve any Armani look with a luxurious watch that won’t break the bank.

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