BitTorrent Sync-Best Unlimited Storage Today with Private Sharing Facility

Everyone uses internet nowadays and wants to have a secure online service to save and share essential data files online. Most of people prefer to use top online storage services like dropbox and Google Drive etc but now another player, BitTorrent, has joined the race. BitTorrent has been providing file distribution services over twitter and FB but now it has launched a free service for online users called BitTorrent Sync. It allows you file sharing and backup by using its platform.

1- Unlimited Storage

The best thing it is offering to hold an edge over its competitors is unlimited storage facility. Yes we see that all top online storage services have limited storage option but in BitTorrent Sync you’ll get unlimited storage to save your files and folders with no worry at all. Users have read following statement on BitTorrent blogs on Friday Morning:

bittorrent sync

“Today, BitTorrent Sync is in a pre-Alpha stage. And we’re hoping that users like you can help us build something sick. If you’re comfortable using early, incomplete software and if you’re committed to helping us figure out a better way to sync, we want to hear from you.”

2- No Cloud in BitTorrent Sync

Another interesting and amazing feature you’ll find in this service is absence of cloud unlike G Drive, Box and other storage services which will ensure that no third will access your data in anyway. It is another feature makes it a better online storage facility with enhances security features. So those who have been worrying about loopholes in cloud storage security now can use BitTorrent Sync for safe and secure storage environment with no cloud to be used for illegal access to precious data files.

3- Private File Sharing and Syncing Across All Devices

The excitement of this new storage service does not stop here. Users will also have facility to share their files privately with specific people by using private key across all devices running Windows, Linux or OS X. You can share files from PC to smartphones and laptops or any device if it’s running aforementioned operation systems. So it lets you specific, private files sharing across all devices which have never been heard before.

So if you excited and interested enough to join this latest storage service you can visit BitTorrent Labs to fill the small survey form for free sign up. It will let you decide better what to choose to cater your online storage needs.

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