Top Choices for Online Backup Facility

Your computer system can deceive you any day any time, as it is just a machine. If you have online backup in this situation, it can really help you. It has many advantages, as it will not only keep your important files but it will save them from viruses as well. As online backup will be protecting your important files and other data, so you should select your company wisely. Here we are discussing some options. You can select one of them for the security of your data. 

Online Backup Facility

1- Mozy

If we talk about the oldest providers, which offer online backup, Mozy is one of them. It is known for providing automatic backup facility to its users. Additionally, it’s affordable too. It is really easy to install and you have to select the frequency of backup only. Mozy will do the rest on its own. Mozy can be used for old versions and you can edit your old files easily. Mozy is user friendly and a large number of people are using it from many years.

2- DropBox

An affordable option for the users, who want online backup. You can easily save your data, if its size is less than 2GB. You can get more space for paying a little, 50GB space is provided for just less than $10 monthly. All you have to do it save your files in My dropbox, a folder. Your files will be stored not just in this folder in your system but online too. You have to log on to Dropbox site, if you want to access your files.

3- CrashPlan

This service is known for working with different kinds of operating systems, like Mac, Windows, Linux and Open Solaris. Its backup method is quite different if we compare it with other service providers. You can use this software to have a backup on the computer system of your friend, if your friend also has this program. This is really a unique way of backup, which is simple too.

4- Jungle Disk

Usually, charges of online backup services are based on a single flat rate. But if you use jungle disk, you will get something different. They offer their charges on per GB bases. You can register your account with just $2 and the fee depends on your use. If you upload 1GB, you will be charged $ 0.01 and for 1GB storage you have to pay $ 0.15. If you want to download, you will be charged $0.17 for every 1GB. However, no discounts are offered for larger storage.

5- Carbonite

If you have to travel a lot, Carbonite is great choice for you. You can easily access your files through this online storage, when you are away from your home or office. Like many others, they offer flat fee structure, but it’s affordable and user friendly.

So these were the top choices you can consider for best backup services online but if you still want to read reviews about top online backup providers.

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