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State Bank Samadhaan Mobile App

State Bank of India launched on 22nd December 2015. This app is available in Google Play Store. As number of users are increasing day by day, it became for them to handle all the needs. Hence they came up with “State Bank Samadhaan” Mobile App. State bank is confident that every user will prefer to use this Mobile App. Because it difficult and impossible for them to handle and manage all the requirements. Bank should satisfy every customer personally and sometimes there will not possibility in some busy places. In such situations customer can use this Mobile App to meet their needs.

State Bank Samadhan Mobile App

Customers also feel easy using Mobile App rather than going to bank. Sometimes there will be a huge line in front of the counter and it takes a lot of time. Employees can use this wonderful opportunity and can save their valuable time and effort.

This App provides self service to their customers. “State Bank Samadhaan” also provides all the information about Loans, Deposits, Bank branches located nearby, ATM locations. It also be able to guide us how to access Net Banking and Mobile Banking. This will be soon launched in Apple App store also. We are able to file and follow our complaints through this “State Bank Samadhaan” Mobile App.

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