Greenhouse Joins ATAP as a Partner

Talent Acquisition is an important function in any organization. Though it may appear to be an easy option to work with the talent acquisition and train them for an effective function of the tasks that they have been hired for, it is indeed one of the toughest things to do in its own right. There are several organizations and software tools that tend to help you in this venture. When such organizations enter into strategic partnerships, it assumes even more importance and is a huge leap from the point of view of HR divisions of an organization. The association between Greenhouse and ATAP is one such excellent union in recent times.

ATAP – An Overview

ATAP or Association of Talent Acquisition Professionals has been an association of the professionals in the arena of Talent Acquisition. It is a non-profit organization driven by the member organizations.

The association came into being in 2016 and has been involved in aiding the advancement of Talent Acquisition Profession. It brings all the professionals involved in Talent Acquisition together. In fact, it acts as a body of sharing knowledge, establishing the global standards, and cultivating a community at the local, global and virtual levels.

Greenhouse Joins ATAP as Sponsor

Greenhouse is a well-known Applicant Tracking Software that has revolutionised the concept of hiring and recruitment. The Greenhouse Talent Acquisition has joined the ATAP as the first premium sponsor.

The association of Greenhouse with ATAP will indeed be a guiding force for the Talent Acquisition Professionals around the world. In fact, Greenhouse has claimed that it is committed to an active participation in the talent acquisition front. The association is anticipated to bring in new partnerships both for Greenhouse and the leaders in thearea of talent acquisition tools.

How will this Association Benefit the Sector?

The sponsorship and association with ATAP will go a long way in promoting the interests of both Greenhouseas a service provider and ATAP as an umbrella organization.

Hiring the right persons is an important factor in any organization. Of course, there are several other factors that would contribute in the success of a firm, but effective recruitment is always what matters most – because the right people in right posts are the ones who achieve success for the organization. Even then, the recruitment arena in an organization is just observed as an administrative area. Greenhouse recognises the importance of Talent Acquisition as an integral and strategic area of a firm, rather than being just an administrative function.

ATAP has been attempting to provide all the needed recognition to the recruitment arena that it has been lacking all through its developing years. It recognizes the need for elevating the recruitment profession to the level it really deserves to be in.

It is rewarding to see the partnership between Greenhouse and ATAP. Greenhouse has stated that it is proud to be associated with ATAP. In fact, the association between ATAP and Greenhouse is set to impact both parties for better. ATAP’s mission of empowering the talent acquisition software receives adequate support through the tools and standards offered by Greenhouse. This is indeed set to support the growth of Talent acquisition professionals.

How is the partnership being recognized?

The wisdom and expertise that Greenhouse has in the field of Talent acquisition would indeed go a long way in promoting the knowledge of the ATAP members. Greenhouse would indeed be the perfect fit as a member of ATAP.

The move on the part of Greenhouse to join the ATAP as a sponsor member is seen as the right option towards evolving and improving the sector. The fact that Greenhouse gels well with the mission and values being followed by ATAP has been one of the sole reasons for the wide acceptance of the partnership between these two stalwarts.

Concluding Thoughts

The association between the ATAP and Greenhouse is set to bring huge changes in the talent acquisition sector. The future of the talent acquisition industry is set to receive a good boost in the days ahead. Greenhouse has been a clear leader in what it does in terms of talent acquisition, and we expect this expertise to be helpful in enhancing the growing movement of the talent acquisition profession as a whole.

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