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Virat Kohli businesses, investments and more.

Virat Kohli is much more than just a cricketer. He is an inspiration to millions of people around the world. From being one of the youngest captain in international cricket to leading India to victory in numerous high-profile tournaments, Kohli has cemented his name in history as one of the greatest cricket players to ever grace the sport.

Beyond cricket, Kohli is also involved in a number of charitable causes and has become a youth icon in India. He has set up the Virat Kohli Foundation which focuses on providing health, education, and nutrition needs to underprivileged children in India. He is also actively involved in various social campaigns to raise awareness and money for important causes like cancer and the environment.

Kohli also has a great business acumen and has invested in a number of ventures, including a fashion label, a sports management company, and a restaurant chain. He is also a brand ambassador for many big companies including Audi, Puma, and Pepsi.

Exploring the Business Mind of Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli is not only one of the greatest cricket players in the world, but he is also an astute businessman. In addition to being a successful brand ambassador for some of the biggest companies, Kohli has also invested in a number of different business ventures.

Kohli has invested in the fashion label WROGN, a sports management company, and a restaurant chain. He is also one of the co-owners of Indian Super League team FC Goa.

Kohli has used his business acumen to make strategic investments and become an influential name in the sports and business world. He is an example of how to use your talent to make a positive impact in society.

Kohli has been able to maximize the opportunities available to him by leveraging his fame and influence to help young entrepreneurs and businesses. He is a great inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to make it big in the business world.

Kohli has become a success story for many young people and is an example of how to make the most of your talent to reach success. His business ventures are a testament to his ambition, hard work, and dedication which have helped him become successful in the business world.

Virat Kohli’s Growing Investment Portfolio

Kohli has also ventured into the tech world by investing in a number of start-ups, such as mobile gaming company Mobile Premier League and online sports streaming platform FanCode. Kohli has also invested in Indian startup Unacademy, a platform for online education and test preparation. He is also an advisor at the venture capital firm Chiratae Ventures.

Celebrity Endorsements and Brand Partnerships

Virat has partnered with a number of big companies both in India and abroad. Kohli is the brand ambassador for Audi, Puma, Pepsi, Google, and many other big companies. He has also represented a number of other brands including Vicks, Colgate-Palmolive, and Fastrack. Kohli has been able to use his fame and influence to help brands increase their visibility and increase their business. He has been an effective brand ambassador and has used his talent to promote the products of a number of companies. Kohli’s success as a brand ambassador shows how important it is to find the right celebrity endorsement for a product or service. His successful partnerships have helped to popularize many brands and increase their market share.

Kohli’s Take on Entrepreneurship

Virat Kohli believes that entrepreneurs play a key role in the development of a nation. He has said, “Entrepreneurs are the ones who create job opportunities and help to build economic growth. They bring in fresh ideas and innovative solutions to existing problems, which makes them invaluable assets to the nation. As an entrepreneur, it is important to have passion and resilience to take risks and embrace failure as a learning opportunity.”

The Financial Success of Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli is widely considered to be one of the greatest cricket players in the history of the sport. The Indian batsman has achieved an unprecedented level of success, both on and off the field, and his financial success is no exception. Virat Kohli net worth is estimated to be around $122 million, which makes him one of the richest athletes in the world. Much of this wealth comes from his various brand endorsements and partnerships, including deals with Adidas, Audi, Tissot, Oakley, and others. He is also one of the most sought-after athletes for sponsorship deals due to his immense popularity and influence. His endorsements, along with other sources of income, have helped him become one of the most affluent sports stars in the world.

Kohli’s Vision for India

Kohli’s vision for India is to create an inclusive and prosperous nation where everyone has access to good quality healthcare, education, and economic opportunities regardless of their background or social status. He also aims to make India a global leader in technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship. He has also worked to improve the infrastructure and digital capabilities of India, implement sustainable energy programs to combat climate change, reduce poverty, tackle corruption, and create a safe and secure environment for all citizens. Finally, he is committed to upholding India’s pluralistic values while protecting its traditional culture.

What Makes His Investments Special?

Kohli’s investments are special in that they focus on social and environmental issues rather than just simple economic growth. He puts a lot of emphasis on education, healthcare, and digital connectivity which are important factors to achieving sustainable economic growth. He also focuses on building better infrastructure and improving the quality of life for all citizens. His investments also consider the environment, implementing sustainability initiatives that reduce carbon emissions and conserve natural resources. Finally, Kohli’s investments prioritize safety and security for the nation and its citizens while upholding India’s traditional values.

Kohli continues to be an inspiration to many people around the world with his amazing cricketing skills, philanthropic works, and business ventures. He is truly an example of how to make the most of your talent and use it for the greater good.


1. What is Virat Kohli’s net worth?

A. Virat Kohli’s net worth is estimated to be around $122 million.

2. What investments has Virat Kohli made?

A. Virat Kohli has made a number of investments in various sectors including: co-owning UAE Royal Challenger Bangalore team, launching his own lifestyle brand WROGN, investing in tech startups such as CureFit and Unacademy, and also buying a stake in a Bengaluru-based technology startup Stepathlon Kids.

3. How does Virat Kohli make money?

A. Virat Kohli makes money from his salary and winnings from his cricketing career, as well as income from endorsements and investments in various businesses.

4. What businesses does Virat Kohli own?

A. Virat Kohli is the co-owner of the UAE Royal Challenger Bangalore team, owns lifestyle brand WROGN, and has a stake in technology startups such as CureFit and Unacademy.

5. How did Virat Kohli become so wealthy?

A. Virat Kohli has become one of the wealthiest cricketers in the world due to his successful cricketing career, endorsement deals and investments in various businesses.

6. What is WROGN?

A. WROGN is an Indian lifestyle brand founded by Virat Kohli, which offers a range of apparel, accessories and footwear for men.

7. How did Virat Kohli get involved in technology startups?

A. Virat Kohli has invested in tech startups such as CureFit and Unacademy, as well as buying a stake in Bengaluru-based technology startup Stepathlon Kids.

8. Has Virat Kohli ever won any awards for his investments and businesses?

A. Yes, in 2020, Virat Kohli received the GQ Businessperson of the Year award for his investments and businesses.

9. Does Virat Kohli have any other business interests?

A. Yes, besides investments in tech startups, Virat Kohli also owns a chain of gyms called Chisel, in association with the health and wellness brand CureFit.

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