iPad Air 3 Release Date and Rumor Features

Lot has been rumored about iPad Air 3 and still the whole spotlight is being captured by this superb device. It is about to unveil in March 2016 so its news, views and speculation is at its best. Different leaks for iPad Air 3 is making us helpless to give air to rumors. It is almost like new tablet and sleek in look enough to grab your attention. Everything is good about iPad Air 3, from size to dimensions, from screen to camera and indeed unforgettable speaker quality is going to deliver best. In so many areas iPad Air 3 is all set to stand for its lovely features and specs.

iPad air 3 Rumors
iPad air 3 Specs

Let us take a look at the specs rumors of the iPad Air 3.

iPad Air 3 Processor

When it comes to the processor of the iPad Air 3, there will be no big change in it and most probably there would be no change at all. But iPad Air 2 is super faster than iPad Air 1 in terms of processor and speed of the device. I think it will be indeed big impact on the users if they will see no improvement on its processors than its predecessors. What if iPad Air 3’s chip will be A9 or A9x. Apple should cope up the power efficiency of the device and there should be improvement in the battery life. iPad Air 3 will be the device which will support better way iOS 9 or iOS 10 even. Apple is going to perform best when it comes to give its upcoming devices all power and efficiency. So coming with the powerful chip will great idea for the iPad Air 3.

iPad Air 3 Camera

iPad’s have never been so sharp when it comes to camera. But with iPad Air 3 there will be point to talk about the sharpness of the lens and rear facing camera would be 5 MP to 8 MP and there would be new features added related to camera apart from burst mode, panoramas, timer mode and time lapse. While, you can check the front facing camera face time HD with the improved sensor and with the 1.2 MP fronts facing camera will guarantee the improved low light performance. With the increasing Megapixel there will be improved visibility of the camera frequency and sharpness. In that case you will get to see huge improvement and development.

iPad Air 3 Display

Display would be fantastic that I know since beginning when it comes to iPad Air 3 as its predecessors were also good in the screen’s sharpness. iPad Air 3 would have great upgraded screen with the Retina HD designation. The features like anti reflective coating would be nice step from Apple counterparts. Undoubtedly the resolution upgrade with the 401 ppi can be in pipeline to offer in iPad Air 3. But with this upgradation what will happen to battery life. Apple needs to work in it with no delay.

iPad Air 3 Design

Apple has done great job in taking up the thickness of the iPad Air 2 and it is thinnest device of the Apple tablet yet. Apple is again in challenging mood and it will be coming with iPad Air 3 the slenderest body in its tablet history. It should go like that undoubtedly as with the successor we can expect such improvements.

iPad Air 3 Release Date and Price

It is predictable fact that iPad Air 3 would have good hike in the price of the iPad Air 3 than its predecessors. This is also fact that apple would be coming with the 16 GB and 32 GB models along with the 128 GB as well. Apple always with its tablets goes minimal in price. It does not get so high. At the point of price, you can say there is price drop in recent models of the iPad’s. The structure would be like that most probably like, for the 16 GB model the price would be almost euro 399 while with the 64 GB price would be around euro 479 and for 128 GB you can expect it to be around euro 559 in the Wi Fi models. But when it comes to the price of 3G/cellular models the price story would be bit different and it will be higher than Wi Fi models. The structure can be closer to the reality euro 499 for the 16GB model, euro 579 for 64GB and euro 659 for 128GB model. Among them which models will gain all the limelight with the price only time can disclose this fact.

When it comes to its release date lot has been said about this sector in rumor. Apple is said to release the iPad Air 3 in March 2016 but its predecessors have always there in October to November with the year change.

We get to see finally in March 2016 the pretty tablet of 9.7 inch screen in our hand. Let us make dream come true with this releasing.

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