iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch Apps You Need to See

According to the organization Prevent Blindness America (PBA), vision loss is the third most feared health condition in the U.S., right behind cancer and heart disease. At the same time, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) estimates that approximately 200,000 Americans have severe visual impairment. The statistics clearly show that eye problems are growing, and more needs to be done to contain it. On this page, you will find brief descriptions of iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch apps that are quite useful for eye health and safety.


The EyeDROPS app is an eye medication reminder. It has a huge database of different eye medications, and can also be used to capture and store bottle photos. Some people also use it for managing their eye nutrition supplements.


Visolve is useful for those who have color deficiencies. It operates by making certain colors darker or brighter based on users’ criteria. It can be used on photos stored in a photo album or taken by a device camera. One of its useful features is the ability to increase saturation for all colors in an image, and it can also be used to draw hatch patterns on particular colors.


The VisionSim app was developed by the Braille Institute to help people with healthy eyes to understand what it means to have diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, cataracts or glaucoma. The application applies some special filters to a device’s camera to simulate symptoms of the eye disease.

Pocket Braille

The Pocket Braille app is useful for those who want to learn Braille. Using the app, you can learn the Braille numbers, alphabet, contractions and even one-cell word signs as well as two-cell word signs.

Macula Tester

For those who use an Amsler grid to track changes to their vision, or other macular generations, the interactive Macula Tester app is even more useful. Using the app, you can record the specific areas experiencing degeneration on the grid, and take them to your eye doctor. It also features a medication reminder feature.


The aptly named LookTel Money app uses a device’s camera to recognize different currencies. One of its best features is that it doesn’t need an internet connection to operate, meaning it gives the results in real time. It supports the Australian dollar, British pound, Canadian dollar, euro, and the U.S. dollar. It supports different languages including English, German, French, Spanish and many others.


This app is useful for reading in dim light. If you have impaired vision, you can use it to read restaurant menus in dim rooms. It was designed by an ophthalmologist.


The EyeXam app is available for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. It is useful for testing vision against the 20/20 eyesight benchmark. It also features different tests for color, astigmatism, perception and eye dominance.


In case you are shopping for sunglasses, like the ones available at you can use this app to determine whether a certain tint it too light or too dark for you. It measures the amount of visible light that passes through a transparent object.

Big Clock HD

This one is useful for telling time. It displays the time and date in your preferred region format and language, in big figures. It is available for the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad.

There are many other resources that are designed for people with eye problems. Some of them should be used under the guidance of a physician. Take action now and start living your life to the fullest.

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