Property Management Solutions Using Technology

Property managers have a wealth of resources available to make their work easier and technology can improve or simplify many tasks from inventory and tenant records through to marketing available properties.

What are the benefits?

Property rental is in demand and there are a number of generic software packages available that can be integrated into the management system run by landlord or managing agents that will boost efficiency, improve accuracy of records and reduce time spent on some tasks. Using technology to generate and track online leads is now an essential part of letting a property by using social media and using software to track and follow up leads generated.

Task Management

As there is a normal process to be followed with property management, it makes sense to use software that prompts and reminds you to complete various tasks such as rental collection and regular inspection reviews. A program such as Remember the Milk is an online to-do list and

Task management system that is extremely versatile, highly portable and integrates with your PC and Android or IPhone device. It integrates with Gmail and Google calendar and the free level version is workable for most people, especially individual property owners.


Expenser is a mostly free resource that can be used to cover a wide range of accounting tasks relating to property management such as detailing fees, expenses, deductable costs, rental income and marketing and advertising costs. Once you get to set up the system to do want you want then in should take less than fifteen minutes per property to enter the information and keep a running record of income and expenses.

Image Management

An area often neglected by property managers is the use of photo management software to promote a property and keep a visual record to back up any inventory details. Picasa is a free resource offered by Google and you can make use of the service to build an online photo album and even Geotag them for mapping. Managing your property images for marketing and tenancy purposes is very straightforward when you use this free resource and enhances your professional image whilst also potentially portraying a property in the best possible light.


Gmail is of course well known to most of us but it deserves selection as it is essentially the foundation for an entire management system. Still a free resource, Gmail can check multiple POP email accounts which allows you to use any domain name email address. Filing and retrieval of email is very easy and as it integrates with calendar and tasking you can keep on top of your tasks and appointments.  Using Gmail and Drive for documents is an excellent starting point for setting up and maintaining your property management system and will allow you to present a very credible and professional face to prospective clients or tenants.

The majority of tools that you need to set up and maintain a record of your property portfolio and market any rentals efficiently are available for free at entry level and using the technology available will certainly improve and enhance your approach to all the related tasks connected with renting and maintaining a property.

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