Top Five Budget Apps for iPhone

Introduction: Personal finance is such an underrated topic which is not taught in most schools. You fall prey to credit cards, expenses and such and fail to keep track of your money. Today, we will discuss five apps for iPhone users that make your life easier financially and help you create and maintain a budget.

  1. YNAB: This stands for You Need A Budget and is one of the most popular apps for budgeting needs. It helps you create a budget and track all your expenses via your various accounts. It is a must have app that helps you build financial discipline and harness it in your life. YNAB is available across multiple platforms syncs seamlessly. It also has some cool videos on the web to help starters.
  2. Every dollar: It is another simple app that is based on Dave Ramsey’s teachings. You can link all your accounts or enter manually all your expenses and the app will start tracking. One feature that this app boasts is recommended expense categories. It will automatically create the various categories for you saving the time and hassle. Give this app a shot.
  3. Mint: The most popular app on this genre is Mint. It is an all-round app and helps you up the game of your financial health. It has way too many features to be considered as a simple app but if you are new to the game of budgeting, then this is the one for you. Expense logging got popular because of this app.
  4. Albert: This is an iPhone app that first gets all your financial information like your due debt, insurance, salary and such. One you feed it all, it will collect your data and come up with smart solutions that can drastically cut down your expenses. It can find alternate debt repayment plans and such. It is a must have app if you are deep in debt or even if you want to save some money. Give it a shot and let us know your thoughts on it.
  5. Pocketguard: This is an incredible little budget management app that shows how much you have got in all your bank accounts and comes up with an estimate of how much you can afford to spend. This is excellent for people starting on a budget plan and is a must have app. The User interface too is pretty cool with simplicity all over. This app basically saves you from getting into debt.

Conclusion: There you go. These are the top five budget planning apps for your iPhone. Give all of them a try and settle for the best based on your personal opinion. Mint and YNAB are the most popular ones in this list and we recommend them both. Expense logging is critical in your journey of budget tracking. Linking your credit cards is an essential way to let the app take over the job of expense logging from you and make your life easier.

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