How to Play Geometry dash on Android Smartphone

Games are one of best past times we have in our android smartphones and new games keep coming everyday. However, not every game is worth our time and space in our phones. One of the best games in the recent times is Geometry dash. It is an arcade game developed by RobTop Games which is available for free in the Google play store. The game is highly addictive and you will end up playing it for hours at stretch. It is challenging as well as full of fun. The game doesn’t require you to learn anything new and unusual. The complete process is simple and something you will love to do repeatedly.


It is a rhythm based action platformer which lets you jump and fly over all the danger that you will face. As you keep playing the game, it goes on to become harder than the previous level. The game will surely challenge your skills to the maximum limit as you go on playing. The complete scenario is filled with dangerous passages and spiky obstacles which you need to tackle and keep going ahead. As you cross the levels, there will be many interesting things unlocked which shall help you customize the game in a better way. The farther you go, the game keeps on becoming more fun. You can search more info at

Features of Geometry Dash

  • It is a rhythm based action and arcade game.
  • As you go ahead in higher levels, you can unlock new icons and colors to customize your character.
  • In the game, you can fly rockets, flip gravity and perform much more stunts easily.
  • There is a separate practice mode that lets you hone your skills in the game. After practicing to perfection, you can then play in the challenge mode where you can create high scores and unlock higher levels.
  • Some levels are really impossible but if you have it in you, the game is made for you. It is quite challenging at first but as you play more, you keep on getting better.

How to Play Geometry dash

  • You don’t need any special skills to be able to play this game.
  • Anyone of any age can play the game without much complication.
  • You just need to simply tap the screen to play this game.
  • The whole gameplay is based on single touch and the interface is quite cool as well.
  • When you touch the screen the rocket will receive a push from gravity.
  • This lets you move ahead and tackle the obstacles that come your way throughout the game.


You won’t realize how quickly the time passes as you keep playing this game. You can get the full version of the game which consists of many new levels, soundtracks, achievements, online level editor and a lot more.

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