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Guide to Choosing a Web Host

A good web host acts as the foundation for your website, brand or business. But when someone starts looking for an efficient web host, he is quite likely to get overwhelmed as there are numerous options to choose which provide different types of web server hosting. There are many basic questions about a web hosting service, whose answers are sought after by someone who is thinking of making his own website. If you are a beginner who is planning to start his own website, here is the complete guide for a beginner which you should consider before choosing a web host. This should help you figure out the best web hosting company and plan for your website.

Technical support

You will need technical assistance from your web host from time to time. Once you start working on your website you will need to figure out things like getting started, uploading content, creating an email and much more. Therefore it’s vital that the web host you choose provides technical support and assistance around the clock. Go for a web host which is technically competent and provides prompt response to all you queries. The most efficient web host uses ticketing system to resolve their customer issues and answers all the questions in maximum 2 hours. Unless you are casually blogging and it doesn’t matter if the site goes down, make sure that your web host has a good customer support.


Hosting features

Speed, bandwidth, storage, scalability and access etc are some of the features of a web hosting plan. In order to make the right decision and create a functional website, you must compare all these features. Optimum speed will ensure your site loads as fast as possible and slow loading can deteriorate your visitor’s experience.

You also need to check the bandwidth provided in the hosting plan. In case your website traffic is a few hundred visitors per day then you can go with shared hosting’s unlimited bandwidth. You’ll have to pay for bandwidth if the site traffic increases.

Storage is another feature you must consider before choosing a web hosting plan. If you are building a site with lots of high resolution images or music file, 1GB storage capacity will be fine. If you are building an e-commerce site, you might want to go with 2 to 4 GB storage.

Another important factor to consider is scalability, since you don’t know what your needs are going to be in future. Therefore, you must consider how easy it is to upgrade your site in future.

Customer Feedback

Apart from the above mentioned features you must also compare customer feedback. This will ensure that the host is reliable and meets its customer requirements. Hostt.com is one reliable and trustworthy website host which provides a great web hosting environment without ads and pop ups.

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