The Ten Best Online Girl’s Games

Not all online games are for boys only. Here’s an exciting list of the ten best free online games for girls released in 2012. We’ll provide a brief description of each too.

1. Superstar on a Red Carpet

Superstar on a Red Carpet

This is a dress-up game that allows you to work as a supermodel’s stylist. You can choose from a selection of lovely, fashionable clothes as your super star character prepares to walk on the red carpet. It’s a fun game for girls who love playing dress up.

2. Cartoon Girl

Cartoon Girl

The main character in the game is a cute, adorable cartoon girl that has come alive on screen. However, her main problem is her lack of fashion sense. To play this game, you’ll be helping the girl find the right style that suits her petite appearance.

3. Miss Universe Prep Makeover

The game lets you prepare and style the future Miss Universe to get her ready for the coronation night. This involves cleaning her face and choosing the right clothes fit for a beauty queen.

4. Pet Party

This multiplayer simulation game is all about playing pets. If you love taking care of your own pet, or you long to have one, then this game is best suited for you. You can play with your selected pet, customize it, join a pet-pampering party, decorate your home and visit your friends.

5. Princess Room Decoration

Many girls love to have princess rooms, and this game lets you design your own princess sanctuary. Practice your decorating skills by choosing and arranging the decorations. Do your dream room makeover, and design the prettiest room that you want.

6. Twilight: Breaking Dawn Makeover

With the continuously surging popularity of the vampire movie series Twilight, you’ll be delighted to know that you can change the looks of your favorite Twilight stars through this online game. You can add cool mustaches to Jacob and Edward, or revamp Bella’s style by adding sunglasses.

7. Follow Your Dream

In this game, your main character works as an assistant at YC Studios, the place where stars are made. This is your character’s dream job but the famous celebrities have lots of demands. You’ll be playing the game by accomplishing tasks and hunting for hidden objects. If you love puzzle games combined with glam celebrity lifestyle, then you’ll surely find this enjoyable.

8. Mario Dress Up

If you’ve played the widely popular Mario games before, you may be familiar with Mario’s traditional blue overalls and red cap. In this game, you can freely dress up mario in various funky clothing and accessories, and recreate him into the modern plumber that you’ve always envisioned him to be.

9. Dress Up Stewie

Stewie from popular TV show Family Guy is a charming character that you’d certainly want to dress up. It’s a fun game of selecting various outfits and disguises for tiny Stewie.

10. Sara’s Cooking Class: Spooky Snacks

In this Halloween-themed cooking game, you’ll be helping Sara bake some gory goodies. Sara wears a witch costume and bakes delectable snacks that are cleverly disguised as scary treats.

These are some of the most trendy games that many girls have enjoyed playing this year. If you’re eager to try new games for free, then the games listed above are a great addition to your online gaming experience.

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