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How Backend Technology Can Boost Your Website’s Search Engine Rankings

A lot of new webmasters do not know the importance of backend technology or “backend coding” as some web developer call it. A good backend coding sets a high standard for an SEO based site design for small and medium-sized businesses, which usually do not get to experience the same design quality as the sites of large corporations. Backend technology helps webmasters get the best value for their investment: not only will they be able to make their site look awesome, but they will also make search engines rank their site high in search results – this is what all webmasters want.

Backend Technology

Backend technology basically communicates a webmaster’s vision and corporate goal via unequalled design capabilities and practical apps (applications) while ensuring that the web designs are search engine-friendly.

With great backend coding, it would be a lot easier to deliver your company’s message to your target audiences and make sure that your set goals are met. If you are employing the services of good web developer, he will be able to design your website to suit your specific requirements. The benefit of choosing to work with a web developer (who knows his onions when it comes to using websites’ backend), is that you will get a special website design that will be specific to your type of business. The developer will code your site design from scratch, and this will give him much more flexibility in being able to achieve the feel, look and functionality you require. However, if you choose to design your site yourself, you can work with templates.

An important factor that a lot of SEO’s unwittingly overlook, but that is equally as vital as keyword/key phrase research and application, link popularity, and search engine submission, is the appearance, size and cleanliness of a site’s XHTML coding. The appearance, size and cleanliness and presentation to search engine spiders and robots can actually be a big difference in ranking Number 1 or being all the way at the nosebleed section of search engine pages. Yes, backend technology also plays an important role in boosting your website ranking.

When search engine spiders come to your website, they look out for a couple of things that they want to see on your site – these robots and spiders also look out for things on your site that should not be there.

Here are a couple of the criteria that search engine robots look out for:

  • Quality content
  • Keyword rich texts
  • Alt tags
  • Title tags
  • H1 tags
  • Attributes
  • Links & link titles
  • Large text sizes
  • Keyword density percentage

Here are a couple of the things that search engine robots don’t want to find on your site:

  • Frames
  • Scanty text
  • Large file sizes
  • Small text sizes
  • Heavy JavaScript
  • Keyword stuffing

With backend technology, coding on your webpage will be laid out well and easily read by search engine spiders in order to boost your website page ranking and meet all current W3C standards as well.

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