Hiring An Android Developer Can Be Difficult: Read On To Know What Skills You Need To Look Our For

Given that the supply of android app developers has not kept up with the demand, there is a massive shortage of talented developers, making it tough for employers like you to find the right person for the job.

Benefits of Mobile Apps for Business

Mobile apps offer numerous benefits for a business like:

Better customer engagement

You can communicate more effectively with the end-user as this is a direct marketing tool.

Customer Value

Loyalty benefits can be offered through a mobile app.

Improved Retail Experience

You can provide the customer with an enhanced retail experience.

Greater Branding Opportunities

You have the choice of how you want to present the information in terms of style.

Competitive Edge

By switching to mobile apps as a form of communication with your customers, you get an edge over the competition.

Payment Facilities

You could provide a service booking facility if you are in the beauty or healthcare industries.

How to Find the Right Android Developer?

If you want to hire android developer, here are some points you need to consider:

Clarity of Requirements

As the employer, you need to define your requirements clearly to get the right candidate.

If you need someone with back-end expertise who can provide front-end developers with the necessary support, python developers are your best bet.

Be Interview Ready

As the employer, you need to be prepared for the interview.

Check Their Portfolio

A candidate who is applying for the position of an android developer would have at least two apps to his or her credit.

Skills That Every Android Developer Should Have

The skillsets for an android developer keep changing, but they should possess some essential qualities:

Technical Knowledge

There are specific programming languages such as Kotlin and Java, which are indispensable for coding Android apps. The right candidate should be an expert in this along with knowledge of XML basics.

The developer should be familiar with the most advanced Java syntax apart from the basics. They should have hands-on experience in the latest version of Java.

Live experience in Android SDK, APIs, and Android Studio is essential. The final selection of the candidate would hinge on industry-specific technologies.

Designing Ability

The candidate should possess top-end app designing skills as it is judged by its UI or user interface and UX or user experience. This quality becomes more critical if there is no in-house designer on board.

The design, or how the app looks and feels, is the first thing that gets the client’s attention. The app should complement the client’s high-end smartphones. Candidates who have design experience would make a better choice.

If material design guidelines are not followed, Google Play Store will not approve the app.

Communication Skills

The candidate should not only be an effective communicator with the technical team but also be able to communicate easily with the non-technical staff. They should be able to explain technical concepts in a simple way to others. Both written and verbal skills are required.

The ability to communicate with the client and ask the right questions is essential to understand their exact needs. Giving instructions to employees and team members is also required.

They should also be skilled at understanding any instructions given to them and even interpreting the app requirements.

Ability to Collaborate

The developer should be able to work as part of a team when involved in a project. The success of projects depends on the team effort, and proper coordination ability is required. The developer will need to brainstorm with upper management, marketers, and designers.

Critical Thinking

Writing codes that deliver results would require the developer to have excellent skills in critical thinking. This will help the developer write a clean, maintainable code. Well-written codes result in user-friendly applications that improve customer engagement.

Problem Solver

Troubleshooting is an outstanding quality that the developer should possess. Various issues arise during the process of app development, so problem recognition and solving are essential.

Bugs are part of app development, so the candidate should be able to locate the bugs and fix any bugs that other teams detected.

Continuous Learner

Android developers should continuously be upgrading their knowledge in their domain. This quality will help the developer find new and more effective solutions to existing problems. The applicant should be curious about technological innovations.


The ability to adopt new skills and take additional responsibilities is essential for any Android developer. The applicant should handle criticism or any other adverse situation in the right way. The applicant needs to work along with co-workers and accept feedback without feeling offended.

Cross-platform Solutions

Mobile phone apps developed by Android developers should function on different operating systems. Expertise in porting from one platform to the other is essential.


Development roadblocks are common, so the applicant should have the perseverance to find solutions. The developer should be familiar with crowd-created libraries and frameworks for faster solutions found on GitHub.

Familiarity with control structures like class compared to static methods is essential.

Analytical skills

The Android Developer will be able to define a functional app only when they can analyze the needs of the user properly. They should understand the expectations of the end-user.


Not only should the applicant have technical skills, but they should also be creative. They will understand how the end-user might use the mobile phone and the possible tasks they might want to accomplish with the app.

Unit Testing

The applicant should be familiar with unit testing, where each module of the app is tested. This is part of Agile software development.

Passion for Work

The Android Developer will be writing codes daily for 8 hours. Without passion, they cannot create exceptional apps.

Enjoy Higher Revenues With The Right Android Developer

Mobile apps define business success today. You can communicate more effectively with mobile apps and enjoy a loyal customer base. To ensure that your mobile app is appealing in terms of design and functionality, you need the right Android developer.

Finding the right candidate with the required skills will make a massive difference to your revenues. There are both hard skills and soft skills that an Android developer should possess to yield results for your company.

To be the best, get the best app developer!

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