Is Deep Web Browsing Safe?

A day without the internet is something we can’t imagine. It has become the part and parcel of life. But interestingly, the internet we see is just 5% of what a normal internet user cannot see. The major part of the internet which cannot be viewed by a normal internet user contributes to the deep web. It comprises of 95% of the internet which is left untouched by many of us. A large population across the world doesn’t know about the deep web and a few people who know about it consider the deep web browsing to be unsafe.

The reason why deep web remains hidden from the search engines is that the contents of the deep web sites don’t get indexed. This means that the pages might have dynamic content, non-HTML text, limited access content, unlinked content, scripted content, and web archives. Dark web is the smaller part of deep web that is popular for all the illegal stuff you can ever imagine. This is the reason why most of the people consider deep web browsing unsafe. Let us get acquainted about the topic and explore more about it.

The Deep Web Browsing Safety

The dark internet and the deep web are safe to browse only when you take proper security measures for deep web browsing.

  • Before you proceed with deep web browsing, you should install the Tor Browser on your laptop/PC.
  • Tor Browser lets you explore the dark internet safely by protecting your online identity. It clears the cookies and cache every time you close your browser.

You can find the popular deep web directories that contain links to useful sites. But, be careful, as there will be a few links which you shouldn’t click on. The tor browser can only help you in secured deep web browsing, but if the malware lands on your operating system, Tor wouldn’t be effective anymore. Moreover, you shouldn’t try downloading the content from the dark internet. If you want additional layer of security while deep web browsing, you can try using the following tools.

  • Virtual Private Network: it provides anonymity to the users by masking their IP address and replacing it by a random one. You can install a VPN and can browse the deep web securely.
  • Tails: It is a live operating system that can be booted directly from your desktop. It is especially designed to protect the privacy of the user.
  • Pretty Good Privacy: Also called as PGP, it’s an encryption that is generally used for online communication.

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Dark Web – The Scary Side of Deep Web

Dark web is the scary aspect of the deep web that is the storehouse of all the illegal information, drug stores, Tor-encrypted websites, private communications, and everything that you can imagine in your criminal mind.

The dark web offers services of all kinds to the people looking for it. It is the place where you can find child pornography, illegal goods, illicit drugs, hackers, stolen credit card numbers, weapons, copyright media, hitmen, and many other services.

Since the dark web is a risky place, anyone accessing the dark web is under a deep threat if he/she fails to take proper security measures. There had been a few cases where the user not taking proper security measures have ended up losing their lives.

Is Deep Web Browsing Safe?

Yes, deep web browsing is safe if you don’t fail to take proper security measures. You should avoid downloading the stuff from the deep web. Here is the list of measures that you should take while deep web browsing.

  • You should start using Tor browser as it comes with pre-configured settings to protect you against threats which normal browsers would not be able to.
  • You should not use the real name while registering to any of the deep web services. Also, make use of throwaway emails that can protect your identity.
  • It is really important to scan the media content for viruses before downloading it on your system.
  • If you are located at a location where connecting to Tor might cause some troubles, you should use Tor via bridges. You can even make use of a VPN network to access the dark internet.
  • While doing an online transaction, it is advisable not to use a credit card. You can always make use of virtual currency or virtual credit cards rather than using the actual credit cards for the transactions.
  • You should never get lured to websites that are providing your attractive offers. These offers might be dangerous for you.
The Bottom Line

Deep web is a place where you can find plenty of informative and illegal stuff. However, it is important to protect your identity while deep web browsing. You should never access the deep without installing a Tor browser or a VPN on your system.

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