Google Mobile Wallet app ‘Tez’ launched Today

The slogan ‘digital India-make India cashless and Digitalisation’ said by our honorable Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Singh Modi is getting famous day by day. The country is also working on it and converting the country into digitalization. Tez is also that kind of application which is also trying to help the country to make it cashless. The list of e-commerce majors like Amazon, Flipkart, and Uber also accepted the payments through this app.


Tez, Internet’s first UPI-enabled digital payments application launched by Finance Minister of India Arun Jaitley. He launched recently on Monday in New Delhi in front of the country. The application built on the government-backed Unified Payment Interface(UPI) and allow the users to do financial transactions like payment of bills, receiving payment. The most important is that the all 55 banks on the platform of UPI are working with it. They all accept the transaction made by customers with the help of Tezz.

How to use TEZ app

Very first it will ask you your number and verified by an SMS and it will give the option to set up a Google Pin. Then it will give you the option of selecting the bank and for making the transaction and then you can start to use it. Making payment with the Tezz is very simple. You can’t share the ID with others. It also has an option to connect with the phone’s contact list which makes it more easier and if you made a transaction with a person then the information of his/her will save automatically and will be easier to use it in the future for the payment. It is protected with boast security and has partnered with 4 banks- HDFC , ICICI Bank, Axis Bank and SBI and accepted payment from all banks of India who are related with UPI. Google has also exclusive partnerships with mobile manufacturers such as Micromax, Xolo (brand of Lava), Nokia and Panasonic. All upcoming phones from November all lava models will come with pre-installed Tezz while Panasonic will launch 5-6 models with built-in Tez. It also offers a feature called cash mode where one can pay without sharing their bank details or phone bank. This is done through the new technology called audio QR that works like near field communication(NFC) which is work through ultrasound waves and connect the two mobiles.

Tez app by Google

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Tezz is unable to impress the customers, due to the availability of so many transaction applications in the market like Paytm, Airtel Payment Bank(APB) etc which are in market from last 2/3 years. So, it will take time to spread his business over the country. The main advantages are that it relates to all 55 banks and is a Google application which made it more famous than others.


Finance minister Arun Jaitley- (After monetization) we reached the peak but suddenly we slipped but now it’s time to pick it up again.

Vice President, Next billion user’s team, at Google Caesar Sengupta- Tez has been made for India and will make payments as simple as cash.


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