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Top Five Conversion Rate Optimization Trends

As an internet marketer, you want to give your clients the best so that you can have the upper hand in winning more. As a crucial part of the internet, the conversion rate optimization (CRO) demand has grown double folds in recent years. In fact, most experts who have a good conversion rate optimization service stand a great chance to succeed in the industry. So, most of them strive to come up with innovative ideas that will outshine others. This article will highlight some of the top trends on this concept.

Top trends in conversion rate optimization

Increased use of smartphones

According to statistics, around 3.5B people access mobile phones globally. About 35 percent of the population use their mobile phones to access the web in various functions. And, the last amazing fact is that 80 percent of shoppers do so with their smartphones. So, based on these facts, experts are taking advantage of these facts to come up with the mobile version of client’s websites to tap this opportunity. This allows a better user experience where clients can interact and do more using their smartphones, which they carry all over with them.

More and better video usage

Notably, it’s becoming popular to have a video on every homepage. In fact, not just any video, but high resolution and enticing videos. The common ones include demos and customer testimonials just to mention but a few. Undoubtedly, human beings are visual and a good video will not only glue them, but will increase the conversation rate. According to a survey, 60 percent of potential buyers said that they can understand the concepts faster with a video versus reading all the content; thus, they are able to make a decision quickly.

Customized in-house resources

Depending on the nature of the business and the CRO agency a company hires, the ideas can differ. Sustainable experts will assess the market needs and strategize on the best approach. In fact, this is becoming more popular, as 70 percent of firms that use internet marketing strategy have embraced this. However, a survey indicated that the greatest challenge to this approach is the lack of resources, which in turn, hinder innovation. Use of reliable and well-established internet marketing companies can solve the problem.

The App usage

Application developers are still in the craze of developing multiple apps for every single concept. As a matter of fact, it is easier to find more than five apps addressing one concept like shopping, taxi utilities, and more. Similarly, businesses are taking advantage of this to have custom made apps for their business. It is possible to have an app for anything in this world. No wonder, even popular computer operating system giants are designing them to accept the application. Probably, if your business is still running without an app, you may have to reconsider.

The popular A/B testing

As the last point, the A/B (or split testing) as it is commonly known, allows a company to pilot test two concepts. As CRO experts offer well defined split testing ideas, this can equally be transferred to the potential clients; thus, fuel high-quality feedback and conversation rates.

The above trends have been used and their great results have been seen. As a business person, it is a prudent idea to take advantage of them using a reliable CRO expert.

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