Philips HD7457/20 Coffee Maker Review

Starting your day right is important in the modern life and with hectic schedules and late nights, few people are much fresh in the morning. And a cup of coffee is what everybody rushes to get their hands on as soon as they wake up. After all, nobody wants to sleep off at the beginning of the day or the first lecture, as attractive as that sounds. And to be honest, nobody has the time to brew up a good cup of coffee from start to finish early in the morning, when even being on time is a challenge.

That is where a good coffee maker comes in and that’s enough reason to call it a smart personal investment. There are a lot of coffee makers out on the market from the best of brands with the best of features highlighted all over. But what is important is that lots of these are expensive with features that would certainly be useful if you are a Barista. Buying a good coffee maker is more about a smart well thought choice rather than just splashing the cash at the most attractive option

Philips HD7457/20 1000-Watt Coffee Maker

And Philips just has one of the best options available in the market for less than three thousand bucks with the Philips HD7457/20 Coffee Maker. The Coffeemaker is one of the best rated in the market and is perfect for home usage with the minimalistic build so that it does not take a lot of space and easy usability. With washable parts and a quick brewing process, morning coffees are no more a hassle.

While the device is still cheaper than most alternatives, you can do yourself better and find the best deals on this coffee maker, maybe try your hand on online shopping stores, you can find many Naaptol coupons which offer 5% discount to all new users on signing up. The device also comes with smart features to keep the coffee making process clean and efficient.

Build Quality and Design

The device has a body made out of plastic and metal with metal finishing and is available in matte black and white colours. The device is of minimalistic design, similar to the basic coffee makers and is no more than a lamp in size. The coffee maker follows the age-old brewer and kettle build and looks sleek and stylish with the impressive finish of the body.

The Coffeemaker equipped with a detachable glass jug that is also black in colour and designed stylishly with a metal handle and is easy to handle. The filter holder is also detachable and both the glass jug and the filter holder are easy to wash. Both of them are dishwasher friendly which makes cleaning this one an easy task.

The coffee maker is apt in design and is about more from less with it being able to make anywhere from 2-7 cups in a single process despite the small build. It has a capacity of 1.2L

Hardware Specifications

The device comes equipped with a red LED indicator that offers the notification of when the coffee is ready while also indicating whether it is on or not. The coffee maker also has an impressive water indicator with light guides for the various water levels to make sure your coffee has a good consistency. The device requires a power of 1000-Watts and needs an operating voltage of 220-240 volts and is compatible with Indian households.

The device has a permanent filter made of plastic-metal mesh and does not need filter paper for a brew. All you need to do is clean the filter before your next brew. The design supports only coffee powder and it goes through the strainer at the top of the coffee maker to begin the process. The device also offers auto cut off once the water is finished and the kettle keeps the coffee warm enough for 5-10 minutes.


The best part of this coffee maker from Philips is the performance at the low price that it offers. While the expensive options perform better and are more powerful, but this one gets the job done considering you are not running a coffee shop. This one is perfect for home and there are better options available if you are looking to buy one for work.

It offers fine tasting coffee with impressive taste in each sip with the aroma twister. It blends the coffee well to deliver a perfect taste. The coffee maker also comes with a smart nozzle inside the plastic jug that mixes the coffee, even more, when it flowing through the jug to bring more consistency to the taste and the coffee. It keeps the standard of the coffee high every time with constant aroma and optimal consistency every time you decide to make coffee.

The drip stop feature is a smart addition and lets you pour yourself a cup of coffee even before the brewing cycle has finished in case you are in a hurry. The device is perfect for making 2 to 7 cups which makes it a great addition to your kitchen whether it is for the people of the household or for when the guests are there too. It takes very low space in the kitchen thanks to its compact build and the water tank is also easy to fill with the indicators guiding for the perfect amount.

It is simple and easy to use and the normal time it takes to brew a cup of coffee is about 10 minutes during which you really don’t need to do much so you can just start the process and look for the rest of the work meanwhile.

Price Range

The Philips HD7457/ 20 Coffee Maker is available for a price of Rs. 2600 on Amazon and is priced in the same range on other major shopping portals. You can also look up and find some amazing Aliexpress coupons that offer 40% discount on electronics which could really save you some bucks on purchasing this coffee maker.


  • Small compact Design which makes storing it easy.
  • Efficient brewing process perfect for home use.
  • Offers a cup even when the brewing process hasn’t finished completely.
  • Easy to clean and no need of a paper filter.


  • The glass jug isn’t sturdy and is delicate.
  • Sometimes the auto stop mechanism fails which might lead to some messy scenarios.
  • The build is not very durable and the device is at risk if it falls.

Expert Reviews

The coffee maker is rated averagely on and while that certainly is due to lack of features considering the budget price, they consider it a great buy for the low price considering the limited usage. They praise the water level indicator and the design of the coffee maker. Cnet also rates the device well although it considers the kettle very delicate and believes it could have been sturdier and made with better materials to keep the coffee warm for much longer. The device is rated 70/100 on

While certainly there are much stronger are innovative options in the market, this one is much cheaper than them and is bang for the buck considering the features that it offers. This one is a safe purchase and comes with a year of warranty and with great customer support on offer is certainly worth the price.

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