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Introduction to SHAREit Apk:

SHAREit is initially found in April 2015. It was developed by Shareit information Technology Co., Ltd. Initially, the idea of SHAREit by Lenovo emerged to compete with the others. This is one of the new suites under Doit apps of Lenovo. The CEO of Shareit Information Technology Co. is Micheal Qiu.

Shareit transfer app
SHAREit-Transfer & Share

The SHAREit application is the fastest cross-platform app for sharing various types of media.

For now, SHAREit is available in around 40 different languages which include English, Hindi, Indonesian, Arabic, Russian, French, Spanish, Chinese, etc. The app is available Freeware for all devices.

The application is available for almost all Operating Systems which include, Android, iOS, Windows 10, Windows NT and macOS.

Latest releases of SHAREit for different Operating Systems are different for various platforms. For Windows Desktop, SHAREit is the latest version and for Windows UWP, SHAREit is the latest version. For Apple and Android, the latest version of the SHAREit app are recently released compared to other Operating Systems. Android’s latest SHAREit release version 4.6.48_ww on 11th January 2019 and Apple’s latest SHAREit version is 2.9.08 released on 23rd August 2018.

SHAREit competes with Xender, Zapya, ShareApps, SuperBeam in transferring media between multiple devices.

The company owns other similar utility apps like LOCKit, LISTENit, CLEANit, and CLONEit. The official website of the company is

LOCKit is for privacy protection, uses pattern, PIN and fingerprint. Moves secret photos, videos into the vault.

LISTENit is a music player and organizing tool.

CLEANit is battery saver, memory booster, game booster, file manager and app manager.

CLONEit replicates the contacts, SMS messages, MMS ,essages, music, videos, apps and other data from one old phone to the new device.

The app is available in their respective stores for various Operating Systems. In Play store for Android, Windows Store for Windows and App Store for Apple users.

The SHAREit app provides a secure and high transfer speed compared to Bluetooth and even NFC. Bluetooth is the safest way of transferring the data, but with lower speed. And in case of USB drives, the data transfer is faster, but more chances of getting malicious data which violates the security of data. To combine both speed and secure data, the SHAREit is the best option.

The application is developed, based on the Wi-Fi Direct methods and this app is used by 1.5 billion users all over the world. The app is listed in the top 10 most downloaded apps on the Google Play Store.

How to Download and Install SHAREit Apk for Android devices?

SHAREit application for Android is the most featured one out of all other platforms. Android is the most used Operating system all over the world. Hence, the SHAREit kept its complete focus on the SHAREit users in the Android platform. It is available in Play Store for free.

Steps to download and install the SHAREit app:

  • Find the Play Store app in your Android device.
  • Search for SHAREit app the Play Store.
  • Click on the SHAREit – Transfer & Share app by SHAREit Technologies Co., Ltd.
  • Then click on install, the app will be downloaded, if there is no issue with data.
  • After the successful download, the next step is to install the application.
  • You need not explicitly install the application, the installation will automatically start once the download is complete.
  • While the installation process starts, the application prompts you for some permissions.
  • Let us discuss the app permissions in detail next in the article and now just allow the app and give permissions to the app.
  • With this, the installation will proceed and will complete within some time.

The application expects the user to allow to access some apps and data on your phone for some specific purposes. Here is the list of app permissions.

List of App Permissions:

  • Camera

SHAREit asks for accessing the camera app to take pictures and to record videos from the app when required.

  • Contacts

Allowing SHAREit to access contacts enables the app to read your contacts, find accounts on the device and to modify the contacts on the device.

  • Location

By allowing the app to access location, you give access to know the precise location which is GPS & Network-based and the approximate location through Network based.

  • Microphone

By giving this permission, the application can access the microphone for recording audios.

  • Phone

This permission allows the app to read phone status and identity.

  • SMS

Can read your text messages (SMS or MMS), Can send and view SMS messages and can also receive text messages (SMS).

  • Storage

Allowing the SHAREit app to access storage can modify or delete the contents of your SD card or sometimes just read the contents of the SD card.

  • Other than these main well-known app permissions, the app also prompts for the below permission.
    • Google Play peer to peer app installs API, which allows sharing of apps between devices.
    • Play install referrer API also for the purpose of app sharing.
    • prevent phone from sleeping for enabling uninterrupted transfer of data.
    • disable your screen lock stops the screen to lock automatically for uninterrupted transfer of data.
    • measure app storage space useful when updating the app for the latest versions.
    • read Home settings and shortcuts to avoid the app settings to overlap with Home settings.
    • connect and disconnect from Wi-Fi, as SHAREit uses Wi-Fi and Hotspot for the transfer of data.
    • Having full network access for showing the news feed.
    • retrieve running applications
    • set wallpaper
    • access Bluetooth settings for connecting devices.
    • run at startup
    • uninstall shortcuts
    • install shortcuts
    • control vibration
    • close other apps that disturb its actions.
    • pair with Bluetooth devices for connection purpose.
    • view Wi-Fi connections for finding the other devices hotspot to connect to it.
    • receive data from the Internet for the new feed.
    • send sticky broadcast
    • expand/collapse status bar
    • This application can appear on top of other apps.
    • view network connections
    • change network connectivity
    • change your audio settings for playing music files.

How to Use SHAREit Apk for Android Devices?

SHAREit app is used for transfer of files, images, audios, videos and many. It also allows the transfer of apps from one device to other, irrespective of data connection. It has many other options like a video portal, online photos, and online music.

The application HOme page consists of all the recommended videos uploaded recently. On the top, three buttons are present, Local, Send and Receive.


It has all the local media present on the device, like videos, music files, and pictures in the device storage.


This button allows you to send the files or apps from this device to the other. When you click it the application searches for the device who want to receive the files.


This allows the user to receive the files from other devices. Once you click on it. the device name will be visible for all the other devices and waits for the sender to send the files to this device.

stepwise guide for file or app transfer:

  • Initially on the hotspot option in the receiver’s device.
  • Then click on the Wi-Fi option in the sender’s device and connect to the receivers hotspot.
  • On the Location in both the devices.
  • Now open the SHAREit app on both the devices.
  • Click receive on receiver’s device and send button on senders device.
  • In the sender’s device clicking on send, you are redirected to select files screen.
  • Here you select the apps and/or files and/or videos and/or photos and/or music files by taping on them.
  • After the selection is done click on Next.
  • Sender device searches for the receiver’s device.
  • If the receiver is found, you can tap on it and the transfer starts.
  • It the receiver was not found, try connecting to the device by scanning QR code.
  • Sometimes the app may also ask for switching on Bluetooth in both the devices.

You can connect the Android device to the PC by clicking on the option. Your PC needs to have SHAREit application with version 4.0 or above.

Group share also can be done by creating a group or by joining in an already created group in the same way as above.

Webshare option allows the sender to transfer the media through the web page. Hence, the receiver need not have SHAREit app installed in their device. The sender should have the app.

Requirements of SHAREit Apk:

The only requirement of the SHAREit app is 20MB space for installing it on your device. Other requirements like Wi-Fi, Hotspot, Bluetooth, Location and all other options are anyway available in any Smartphone. And the SHAREit app can be installed only in Smartphone.

For installing the SHAREit app the app permissions play the crucial role. The app may be installed without allowing all the permissions also. But then, you can’t expect the app to work as you expect in all the times. And for some permissions, it may prompt the user when needed.

Features of SHAREit Apk:

The features of the app include:

  • Transfer Everything:

Transfer of files, apps, videos, audios, and pictures.

  • Fastest Sharing:

The transfer of the media is at a higher transfer rate of 20Mbps.

  • Retain the Quality:

The best feature in this application is the files transferred through this app don’t lose the quality and shared with the actual quality without compromise.

  • In-app video Player:

The application allows you to play any videos in the local storage. It supports all the video formats.

  • In-app audio Player:

SHAREit player can play any music file format with ease.

  • Cross-Platform Sharing:

Files can be transferred between mobiles, Laptops, PCs of any Operating system without any issue.

  • SHAREit Vault:

This is for your protection and privacy. The app has inbuilt encryption for this purpose.

  • Explore:

In this app, you can explore, wallpapers, Stickers and many GIF’s.

The new version of the application comes with these updates.

  • Optimization of the playback experience.
  • Exciting transfer optimization, great improvement of connection success rate.
  • Guides the receiver to clear up space by clearing large files at the portal, which indirect solves the problem of insufficient space.


The SHAREit application serves as a file transfer application between any platforms or any devices with smart features. It allows to watch videos in the app and play audio files. Also allows the viewing of pictures. Other best options are group sharing and web sharing apps.

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