Learn How to Fix, If Showbox App is not Working on your Device?

Latest Update: Yes! Showbox is Not working now. Its Officially TAKEN DOWN According to the News!! Showbox is not a Legal App to Watch Movies & Tv Shows. So If you are a user of Showbox then you might face the issue “No Internet Connection”. So it’s better to remove this app or don’t use it anymore! Seems Showbox v5.23 according to vlogger Free Tech has launched and it’s working perfectly.

Showbox is an indubitable application which is most famous for video streaming app which is easy for smooth navigation and other user interfaces. This app will offer several features for the users to make free and easy. It is the best part of annoying ads and other applications. Showbox is the prone errors from the installation process with an updating and working hanging up with a middle stone of online streaming with various frequently occurring issues with Showbox application. It will access many problems, and periodically while problems occurring with a Showbox application. The guidelines which they resolve the most common problems, questions, and errors associated with it. Showbox errors and the important issues will include no streaming options, video not available, server not available, etc. We will cover every aspect of it. You can try Showbox alternatives.

Showbox not working/updating – Showbox Server Error:

The Showbox app provides much fluid and smoother streaming on videos on a quick basis based on the Internet connection. It is a high network connection which satisfies with en stream to download movies for free. The Showbox sometimes will get issues like unfortunately stops. Then you can follow the below-given steps for regrate issues

Showbox Cannot Play this Link/ Server Down Error

Showbox Cannot Play this video is a potential fix problem form many of the users. This error states that video is trying to fix no longer available in your region. As the Showbox app is not available on Google Play Store, all you can work for a VPN service. Now download a VPN and also connect to a US server to see whether the content is blocked from your location. If not possible try for another server.

  • To avoid errors download Opera VPN (free) of choice on your device.
  • Open VPN and connect to a US server
  • Open Settings > Apps > Showbox > Clear Cache and Data
  • Reopen the entire Showbox app, the video you want to stream may load correctly now

Showbox Server Not Available Error

When you open Showbox app on your PC devices if you got server being unavailable, It means it usually indicates what you need to update your Showbox app. Since it is not available on your play store. It will update automatically on your devices. You are required to keep checking the app’s official website for the latest version.

Showbox not Working/updating – Installation Problems:

If you have completed the installation of your Showbox app with better functionality. It can get well-rid versions of this app. To downloaded Showbox apk on your device but are facing issues with the installation process for several reasons.

Showbox Version Outdated

To download Showbox from the reliable sources they were having a certain chance to download an outdated version of the app. Therefore always download Showbox Version from its official website.

Device’s Settings

Applicants if you are using Android devices. Then you might have issues to trust Showbox application from an external source. So to resolve and fix this problem check the below guidelines.

  • Open Settings > Unknown Sources
  • Toggle the next button to it to allow the installation of applications from external sources

Technical Parameters

To ensure the Showbox application while downloading it meets some technical requirements. Since for an android device,s it must be using Android 4 or above, for a compatible video player, HD screen, and adequate internal memory.

Showbox not working/updating – Video Playback Error

  • If you are getting video player error while watching a video. So try to uninstall Twitter or Google Plus updates.
  • Open Settings > Applications Manager > Google Plus App > Uninstall Updates
  • Suppose you are using Android Lollipop and above versions, Then open Settings > About Phone
  • Now tap nearly seven times to build the exact number to unlock the ‘developers’ option
  • Finally, scroll down the ‘developers’ option and locate ‘Use AwesomePlayer’ and enable it.
  • If it already enabled, Rebuild and then reboot your device.

Fix Showbox not working/updating on my Android device

Android users are the Showbox is not working it will have very common issues. So to figure out the issues it has some powerful fixes to resolve an error in simple steps

Showbox App has Stopped Working error

  • Download the latest version of Showbox Apk
  • Nos save the apk file on your PC
  • Connect your mobile phone to your PC and transfer the apk file
  • Open the SD card and install the apk file
  • Run the latest version.

If the above methods are not working then try the best Showbox Alternatives to watch movies free.


Showbox user usually experiences. When it comes to slow down the app follow the issues which we had mention above to prove by resolving your Showbox Not Working errors and issues. I have more quires please free to comment in the below sections.

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