Top 6 Games For Android Smartphones in 2015

People love to play games and such games help them to refresh. These games help them to stay away from the work stress and often work as a stress buster. If you have been working so hard and you need a break or concentration diversion instantly, your android powered smart phones can help you to recreate.

Angry Birds Space Premium

Games For Android Smartphones 2015

It is a free version and it adds pleasure to the already existing features. A new spin and user experience lets you to explore the game and your smart phone’s hardware capability. The stars prove to be the best spin off from its original version. This new version has new levels, features and buttery smooth surfaces.

Royal Revolt

It is developed by Keen Games and it is gaining wide spread popularity. This game allows you to be a part of attacking army personnel. You will have to prove your strategical acumen in this game to gun down the horrible opponents. It has a superb graphical theme and it is a 3D game.

Cut the Rope

The game will cost you $1 but it is worth your money. All the family members can join and be a part of this game. The powerful puzzles will prove to be an obstacle and will you allow you to think to the extreme levels. If you have kids, then it is a must have game on your Android mobile.

Colosseum Defense

Have you ever used a weapon which is a combination of knife and gun? I am not sure why the game developers have never thought of such an idea. Yes, you heard it right. You will have the luxury of having both knife and gun as a single weapon to mock down your opponents. It can be a compelling and a must have game if you are so spirited to have these genre of games.

Kingdom Conquest 2

I am sure it has all the features to enter into the “freemium” category. The game has got the nice city building elements, constructing strategy and well defined card battling elements in it. The game has got too many things to try on your mobile. If you think you have a high end android powered smart phone, this is the game for you.

Draw Something Free

The name sounds great, right? As the name says, it offers cool features to explore your thoughts and bring out them in an inspirational drawing. You can pick a word from the available words and can design it on the screen and fill it with vibrant colors. The younger ones will get bogged down by this gaming app and elders have to be very careful. I am sure they will not bother to take their fingers off the phone.

So, have you gone through information about some of the best android powered games for 2015? It’s time to start experiencing the new gaming era.

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