Boost Your Android Device Performance

Android introduced a new mobile interface, that revolutionized the mobile usage and boosted the functionality of mobile devices. With the availability of Android in the market, the mobile phone sales took a huge upward curve. Definitely the users enjoyed the vast use of applications and were able to perform a wide range of activities right from their phones. With huge advantages, users also fell some short comings time to time and  newer versions of Android were introduced to overcome the short comings. The one major problem was battery time. Even after the recent updates Android users have to take care of battery especially. Lets have a look at the few recommendations and proposed solutions that will give your device battery long lasting results.

Boost Your Android Device Performance

What to do?

In order to last your device battery for long time and experience fast processing, we recommend the following bullet points, that will surely give you positive results.

  • Customize Functions
  • Ideal Home Screen
  • Android Task Killers
  • Android Battery Saver

Customize Functions

Always try your best to use less applications on start up. Configure only necessary applications on start up.In addition to this keep screen brightness a bit low. Close the applications when not in use. Put your phone in stand by mode when not in use. Avoid using Vibration, rather than that use tones for different alert types. Use different profiles effectively, like meeting, Air Plane Mode and likewise. Furthermore keep WiFi inactive when nit in use.

Ideal Home Screen 

Home Screen should be configured properly in order to save the battery. Android users are allowed to place a widget of their desired applications, although doing this provide ease but also consume much of battery. So keep your home screen less populated and only use those widgets that you use too often.

Android Task Killers

Android Task killer are very controversial and have mix opinion from both the users and critics, but I think they can be used effectively to save battery life. What they do is that they show you the list of running applications on screen and behind the screen and you can see their usage and can kill them. Through Android Task Killers you can check if any poorly coded application is slowing down your device and eating up battery. You can kill that and decide about its further use or not.

Android Battery Saver

Android Battery saver applications are another option for you. These applications analyze the excess battery usage as per your specified settings, and cut off the battery usage. Its up to you how you configure them. Surely these applications can save your device battery and optimize your user experience.

Last Word 

I hope these tips would be helpful for you to have greater battery time of your Android devices. But as per exceptions it’s better to keep a spare battery and charger with you while going on a long journey. Follow these tips and share your experience with us.

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