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5 Cool Tattoo Gadgets you Need to Know

Drawing tattoo is an amazing art, In ancient times people used to draw tattoo’s from their hands but now in 21st century everyone is huffed with technology. Tattoo makers started using Tattoo Gadgets/Machines for drawing more better tattoo’s in an easy way. Today we are here with a list of the top 5 cool Tattoo Gadgets that you should know about. These 5 tattoo gadgets are commonly used by the tattoo makers to make more better tattoo’s. We have listed these 5 Gadgets in this post briefly, you will get to know about the tattoo Gadget details and how it is used by the tattoo maker. Let’s start with the with the list of 5 cool Tattoo Gadgets.

Listed Below are the 5 Cool Tattoo Gadgets

1 : Coil Tattoo Machine:

This is the most common machine used by most of the tattoo makers. This little machine comes with many different type of needles. The work of these needles is to make various tattoo designs such as back tattoos, stomach tattoos for girls, arm tattoos etc. The main benefit of using this machine is that it only covers 8-10 wraps that helps in protecting the skin of your customer.

2 : Rotary Tattoo Machine:

Rotary Tattoo Machine is the most stylish machine used for making tattoo’s this machine use electric motor to make design on skin. This machine has internal needles which revolve around the core to make beautiful designs. The manufacturer have improved the machine quality from time to time period. Check the below photo of Rotary Tattoo Machine.

3 : Shader Tattoo Machine

The name of this machine directly indicate that this machine is a very basic piece which only make basic tattoo’s i.e Black/white, Shader Tattoo Machine comes with a ink pot in which the ink has to be filled before drawing the tattoo’s. Shader tattoo machines becomes very difficult to use when you want to make a colorful tattoo with it because you have to change the ink color after one complete coating. This machine is also heavy this helps to draw bold lines but heaviness of the machine can also make pain in your hands.

4: Liner Tattoo Machine

This machine is used to make bold lines. The machine comes with a powerful circuit which help in drawing the lines. Liner Tattoo Machine is specially used to making crisp lines which is a difficult task if you choose any other machine. This machine is used by professional tattoo makers. In this machine you get two ink slots which helps you to draw two colorful lines at the same time.

5: Penumatic Tattoo Machine

This machine is the most updated among the tattoo machines listed in this article. Penumatic Tattoo machine is the lightest machine till now, it provide a complete pack of power to draw designs of your choice. Now you don’t have to pick the heavy machines which make a very pathetic pain in your hands. You can use Penumatic Tattoo machine to make your work easy. This machine runs on a complete air pressure which provides enough power to the machine to make wonderful tattoo designs easily.

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