5 Must Have Mobile Accessories

Smart Phones are an integral part of our lives and imagining even an hour without it gives us chills. But the question is can you use your mobile phone without any additional accessories? The answer is definitely no. Smart phones these days play more than the role of keeping us in touch with family and friends. Phones are our camera, organiser, music player, TV screen and everything you can think of.

With the rapid growth of technology you also feel the need to accessorise your phone to keep yourself updated. Although, some smart phones can be used directly out from their packaging but some cell phones need accessories to make them smarter. Accessories like headphones, charger, selfie sticks are some that we can name but there is a huge amount of accessories that you can think of for safe working of your device.

Here, in this blog post check out some of the necessary phone accessories that are not only amazing but also vital for our dear smart phone.

Top 5 Necessary Smart Phone Accessories

1.      Mobile Covers

Loved by all, but they are more than just adding an edge to the mobile phone. Be it a very expensive phone or a normal budget buy, all phone require protection. A fall can happen anytime and can result in to a damaged phone, in order to cover that up mobile phone covers are required.

Mobile covers are available in various customised shape and cause-effect. You can get a lot of variety of phone covers in the market that enhance the phone protection and beautify your phone. You can never get bored of the same old look of your phone if you have variety of phone cases and when you can do online shopping of mobile covers on big stores like Myntra, Amazon, Flipkart, etc. Phone covers are available as case cover, pouch, wallet case and skin, etc.

You can get a lot of variety of phone covers on e-commerce websites however Ebay has great variety of covers available at flat 50% off. Check out the covers there and keep your hand on the one you like the most.

2.      Memory Card

With great smart phones come space or storage issue. If you have an android smart phone you might want to grab some extra space at your hand to keep your phone running at high speed. Although, many phones come with great internal storage however you can always get some extra space by mounting a good memory card in your phone.

There are however various types of SD cards available in the market that give you up to 64 GB memory. All you have to do is purchase them and insert in your phone to have your phone’s memory issue resolved. Memory card apart from giving a smooth performance to your phone will help you restore your lost data.

One of the best memory cards come from SanDisk and they are available at flat 50% price drop on Snapdeal. Go grab them before they are all gone.

3.      Selfie Stick

Let us all admit this one thing that we all want our selfies to come out perfectly. But, seeing the size of the smart phones recently it is very hard to hold them and bring out the perfect one for you. But, there is not a single problem in the issue when we have an amazing accessory here, selfie stick.

Craze for selfie is ever growing and be it a solo selfie or a group selfie you can always rely on selfie stick for the job. Selfie sticks have reduced the stress of selfie capturing, made it easier and they even provide a better view while one is taking selfie. The best part of these selfie sticks is that they come with an inbuilt Bluetooth that clicks your selfie with just a button press on the stick’s handle.

Straining your hands during selfie has to stop and you can do that by just ordering the best selfie sticks from Amazon at up to 50% off. These sticks price starts from Rs. 130 onwards only grab the best one for yourself now.

4.      Bluetooth

Driving and talking on phone at the same time is a big no-no! If you are one of the busy kinds and need to talk while walking, doing gym, driving or be it doing daily life chores then my friend Bluetooth is the key to all your worries. No wire needed, no plugs attached, just turn on the Bluetooth and you are good to go.

Bluetooth devices includes a microphone and a headset. Bluetooth headsets are a recent trend lately which provides a wire free dealing with phone. Another, device loved by many is the Bluetooth speakers that provide great music without any wiring. So, now you can move away from speakers and still enjoy great music.

All your Bluetooth products need can come to an end and that too without cutting off a huge amount from your pocket. Flipkart brings great Bluetooth devices at up to 60% off, buy them all before the deal is long gone.

5.      Earphones and Headsets

Hands down, these have to be the best accessory out of all the mentioned ones here.  Earphones can make you enjoy the music, listen to the music without disturbing others and even help you exit an unwanted conversation.

There is nothing that you already do not know about earphones or headphones benefit. They come of various types- over the ear, inside plug-ins, on ear, wired, Bluetooth. You also get the option of microphone enabled headsets through which you can talk. The best trending headsets lately are the Bluetooth headphones as they provide the best music without any hassle that wired earphones come with.

You can purchase amazing headphones from Amazon at up to 30% off. These include brands like Bose, Sennheiser and many others.

Try them out!

Well here is our list of the best accessories for smart phones. You should definitely try them out and actually see how it just upgrades the way your phone has been working. The best thing about smart phones is that they are compatible with huge number of accessories. So, why not you take an advantage of the compatibility and enjoy using your phone in a better way?

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