Start Your E-Commerce Venture Without Any Inventory Using Dropshipping Services

You heard it right; if you ever dreamt of starting your E-commerce venture, then there’s no right time than now. We are already aware how easy it is to set up an online E-commerce website using services like or open source platforms like Woo-commerce.

However, you might be worried about the inventory management, billing, shipping of products, etc. Well, with Dropshipping services you can now run an E-commerce company with literally Zero inventory and the least human resource possible. Read on.

What is Dropshipping all about

The term Dropshipping might sure sound like a rocket science. However, it’s merely a service wherein the store owner can pass on the orders from its customers to the dropshipping provider, and they take care of placing the order from a third party seller and get it delivered to the customer. These third-party sellers are usually whole sellers and manufacturers.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Dropshipping Services

Needless to mention, the benefits of such dropshipping services are numerous, especially for start-up E-commerce companies, including zero inventory maintenance, and management charges; flexibility of office location, a wide selection of product categories, etc.

However, the sad part is advantages, and disadvantages move hand in hand. With Dropshipping service, it becomes difficult to analyze the quality/authenticity of products, increased dependency on third parties, shipping complexities, etc. Having said that, the logistics for dropshipped products are becoming less cumbersome with the introduction of ePacket tracking services by the Chinese and Hongkong postal department.

Is Dropshipping Worth It and Scalable?

In one word – Yes. We have seen multiple highly reliable E-commerce websites that have integrated Dropshipping as their primary source of Inventory purchases and shipment. Individuals are working on their evening project to sell T-shirt template merchandize, and there are also webpreneurs that are making a living by starting up such businesses, making it a sustainable store, and flipping over for a considerable lump sum profit.

Your Move…

Via this post, our motive was to educate you how people are making a fortune by sipping coffee at the nearest Starbucks or beside the beach at their favorite holiday destination. Do let us know how do you plan to leverage this new and revolutionary service and write your questions about dropshipping in the comments section below.

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