Install Custom MIUI ROM Firmware Update In Your HTC Sensation Mobile

The custom made MIUI firmware update for HTC smartphone is here. The all new sensational firmware update will improve the performance of your super smart phones. This article will explain you in detail on the procedures to update the firmware. MIUI firmware update is no way comparable and has become unstoppable when compared with Cyanogen Mod10 firmware update. Smokin901 developer is acknowledge and very well supported by XDA developers team for the meticulous works done. The current MIUI firmware update has got huge number of features and has promised to give a visual treat to its targeted audiences. The ultimate performance booster and its related features promise to deliver and live up to the expectations.

HTC Sensation

Usual Procedures

There are certain works that have to be done before updating the firmware in your device. The custom MIUI firmware update is not an official launch and the mobile phone users will have to take the sole responsibility if anything fails abruptly. However, it is firmly believed that the update will cause no problems to your smart phone device.

Things to be Noted

It is important that your HTC mobile should be rooted before starting the process. Jellybean 4.1 firmware update will bring in sensational features to the device. If you are not sure about the procedures on rooting your device, you can download the application “Root Checker” from Google’s Play Store and check the device. Downloading and installing the application will be self explanatory.  The warranty of the device becomes void once the device is rooted. Though the MIUI ROM firmware is custom made and is most suited to your device, it comes with an element of risk.

Owing to its developmental stage, certain features of your device or the application might not work  as expected. Some of them are listed here:

Front camera will not work.

Things that will work

Very basic functionalities like Audio, video, camera, call logs, acceleration of hardware features, background lights,  wifi connectivity, USB mode, charging, rooting device, torch, head phone and notification leds, Bluetooth will work as per their standards.

*Note: This article tends to explain the procedure on how to install the beta version of MIUI ROM custom firmware update. This might damage the functionality of the smart phone device for which the blog shall not be held responsible.  It is highly recommended to take a proper back of all data in your device before rooting the device. It is very easy to restore the original settings if there occurs a problem.

Use this link to take a back up of your SMS and applications data

Use this link to take a back up of all your phone contacts

Use this link to take a back up of your call logs

Similarly it is adviced to copy the images, pictures, movies and other music files to an external drive

If  you require the MMS settings and multimedia information, then select the proper path and take the back up. It can be found in the “Access Point Names” function present under the Mobile Networks option. The feature is available under “Wireless and Network” option in the Settings mode when you click Applications.

USB debugging option has to be enabled which can be seen under the “Development” tag on the “Applications” menu from “Settings”. It is important to have at least 40% charge on your mobile phone for the process to get completed successfully. The S-Off option must be enabled in your HTC smart phone and the boot loader should be unlocked. Remember that unlocking feature will nullify your warranty. However, it is possible to get back the warranty support by restoring the device to the latest official update.

So, did you understand the above described points and features regarding the MIUI Custom ROM firmware update? Here is the process to update the HTC Sensation model with the MIUI ROM firmware update.

Process to Update

Use this link to download Jellybean 4.1 Firmware Update for the MIUI Custom ROM features from here

You can now connect the mobile phone to the system using the USB wire. Now move the downloaded zip file from your computer to the mobile memory card. You can switch off the mobile once the file moving is completed. The mobile phone should later be entered through the recovery mode.

Continuously press the Volume Down and Power Button which will enable you to log to the boot loader function. If HBOOT menu does not appear on the screen, switch off the function by clicking on Power Menu in Settings.

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