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Instagram DMS Not Working in 2022 – Solutions

Instagram is a free online photo and video-sharing social networking service that offers users to share photos and videos, follow other users, and comment on and like photos and videos.

Instagram is a great way to connect with customers, followers, and friends. It’s also an excellent platform for promoting your business and marketing your products and services. You can use Instagram to share photos, videos, and content with your followers, customers, and prospects. 

instagram dms not working error

Are you facing issues with the Instagram app? Are Instagram messages not loading for you? Don’t worry. A lot of other people are also facing the same issue. This article will explain why Instagram messages are not loading and how to fix them.

Why are Instagram DMs not working?

The main reason why Instagram DMs are not showing is not apparent. However, it seems that Instagram is expecting a big update somewhere in the app.

We have analyzed the requests by Instagram users all over the globe, and we found out that Instagram needs to be fixed in specific countries, including India. So, we can assume that Instagram is working on critical updates for these countries.

The most common reason is due to the Instagram server. There are times when the Instagram server is down, and as a result, you may not be able to send a direct message, or the direct message may not load.

If you are facing this issue, then here we have provided some easy solutions, which you can use to fix Instagram messages not showing, not loading, or they couldn’t receive any Instagram messages. 

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How to fix Instagram DMs not working?

There are a few things you can try if your Instagram DMs are not working-

Restart your phone.

First, restarting your phone is the most basic and simple solution to fix this problem. After restarting your phone, try sending or receiving a message on Instagram and check if the problem is fixed. 

Restarting your phone will not only fix Instagram messages not showing, not loading, or they couldn’t receive any Instagram messages. It will also help you fix other issues in your phone and apps. 

If you have an iPhone, then there are two ways to restart your phone. 

  • First, Turn off your phone and turn it on again. 
  • Second, Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and Home button simultaneously until the Apple logo appears.

If not, then you can try the next solution.

Check your internet connection.

You will need a good internet connection to use the Instagram messaging feature.

So, if you cannot load messages on Instagram, you should check your internet connection and ensure that it is working properly.

  •  If you have a Wi-Fi connection, you can go to your router’s settings and check the Internet connection.
  • If you have a mobile data connection, you can go to your phone’s settings and check the Internet connection. 

Update Instagram.

If you are using an old version of the Instagram app, then you should update it to the latest version.

When the app developers find any issue, they release the updated version of their app on the App Store or Play Store. 

  • For that, you can go to the play store and then search for the Instagram app. 
  • After that, you will have to tap on the update option and wait for the app to update.
  • After that, you can try sending a message on Instagram and check if the problem is fixed. 

Clear the cache and data of the Instagram app

If you continue facing this problem, then you must try clearing the cache and data of the Instagram app. Clearing an app’s cache or data will delete all the unnecessary files or data of that app.

There are steps to clear the app cache and data. 

  • First, Open the Settings on your phone. 
  • After that, tap on the App and Notifications. 
  • Here you see all the apps.
  • After that, tap on the Instagram application icon.

Clear the cache and data of the Instagram app

  • Now, Tap on Storage and cache and then tap on Clear cache. 

Uninstall Instagram App

If the issue is not fixed and you still face Instagram messages not showing or loading, they couldn’t receive any Instagram messages. In that case, you need to uninstall the Instagram app and then install it again. 

  • Before uninstalling the Instagram app, make sure you have taken a backup of all your essential data. 
  • First, Open the Settings on your phone. 
  • After that, Tap on the App and Notifications.
  • Here, you will see all apps. 
  • After that, Tap on Instagram and tap on Uninstall.
  • That’s it. You can now install it again, and see if it works..

Instagram Servers Are Down

This is the only technical issue that can cause Instagram not to show messages. If Instagram servers are down in your area or country, you can not send or receive any messages. Try to open Instagram on another device or try again after some time. 

Report The Problem To Instagram 

If you are not receiving any messages from Instagram, you can report the problem to Instagram. You will need to contact Instagram directly to report a problem with Instagram. Instagram does not have any customer service phone number that you can call.

report the problem to Instagram

Note that when reporting an issue to Instagram, every little detail matters. For instance, try to send a DM on the Instagram web to see if Instagram chat still needs to load! When reporting this issue, include essential factors like this.


So, these are the solutions to fix the error – Instagram DMS not working. To be precise, we have tried adding all the possible solutions to help you get rid of such an error code. We hope it works.

Still, your queries are important to us. You can let us know via the comments section below.

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