Top 5 Educational Games for Kids

After the drastic change in lifestyle since last year, the online mode of education has taken to new levels. From learning while playing graphic games, to interactive sessions and quizzes here is a list of Top 5 Educational Games for Kids! 

Post COVID-19, we’ve seen exponential growth in the technology sector. Digitizing and bringing the entire world together on a screen, Shifting the majority of the educational system online was not easy. Although we’re still learning and getting better at it every single day, we’ve come a long way. Amidst this, the young learners among us were left without those fun playdates, educational trips, and lego parks. Taking online education techniques up a notch, here are a few educational games that are just as fun as they’re informative. 

Some of the games are absolutely free.

  1. Cut for Cats: Rolling Physics Puzzle 

This Physics-based educational game has brilliantly designed motion graphics that are realistic and extremely interactive. This game gives a brief idea of motion and free body dynamics in Physics. 

The depiction of such a vast concept is done as simply as a treat for a cat in the game! These educational games are such designed that our curious minds won’t even realize that they’re passively learning one of the most important practical concepts of Physics.

  1. Sweet Path: Donut Rolling Puzzle 

Just like Cut for Cats, this game also has the basics of free motion and gravity. Comparing both the games, you could consider this as an advanced level of the previous game. Sweet Path Donut Rolling Physics puzzle develops a sense of motion and free body diagrams while playing. 

  1. National Geographic Kids

As the name suggests, National Geographic Kids is a portal of all kinds of quizzes, video tutorials, and an online encyclopedia! This is the one-stop site for the best educational games based on flora, fauna, and much more. 

There are games and quizzes based on all geographic elements and personality quizzes too! To mention a few categories; Planets, Flora, Fauna, Sports, Human Body and Commemorative Days, etc. 

  1. Wordmeister Letter: A Scrabble inspired word game 

Scrabble is probably one of the most favorite board games for all of us. Scrabble and similar word games develop a strong vocabulary. This game lets you play against another player, to also develop a competitive time constraint. 

Vocabulary is undoubtedly a very important part of basic communication, and having a strong grasp of it is very important for every individual. And what better way to do so while playing a game?

  1. Bumble Numbers: Maths Game 

Bumble Numbers is a mathematical game that helps you with addition. It has very student-friendly graphics. Addition, Subtraction, and other arithmetic operations are the basics of mathematics, and learning and practicing them through a game is as interactive as it sounds! 

Learning and Practicing are the two parts of education. There has been a significant improvement in the methods of education. The colored images in our old-school textbooks are replaced with motion graphics one click away. These educational games keep these kids engaged and at the same time teach them basic, yet important concepts. Starting from the basics of Physics to building a strong vocabulary and carrying out arithmetic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. These games, since most of them are framed within a time constraint, develop not only the skills of the mentioned subject but an overall development on time management and competitive practice. More developers are working on this sector to bring in better and more interactive games to make sure that these curious minds never run out of fuel!

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