Effective Technological Citation and Bibliography Tools for Students


Research is a huge part of writing college assignments to ensure that the content is credible that a student writes. For any researched content, it’s mandatory to ensure that you cite the source of it to avoid any cases of plagiarism from the original owner. It also helps in recognizing the writer for their excellent work.

There are varieties of citation methods and styles commonly used in colleges, which include MLA, Harvard, APA, and the Chicago style. The formats are to accredit the author, whose content has been used in your research. It expresses respect for their work. Nonetheless, these methods are not familiar to many students. Therefore, it becomes hard to apply them in their research work, yet it is mandatory to do so. Well, some tools have been developed to reduce the much work needed in the research citation process. These essential tools help students do bibliography and research citations in simple steps. Here are some of the best tools for citing your research work. Have a look;

Citation Machine     

The device is easily accessible to students. It has a variety of the best citation styles recognized by all academic bodies in the world. It helps students cite and references all major citing styles like Harvard, Chicago, APA, and even MLA. It offers some other citation methods and styles ranging up to even 500.

Also, the tool provides tutorial lessons on how to apply the different citing styles in simple steps. Although the tool offers some services for free, on subscriptions, you access some of its premium services, such as plagiarisms checker. Get to cite from different sources like books, journals, and magazines and across the internet.


This tool works in two ways. It can generate more than 20 bibliographies from simple steps. It is a referencing and citing tool and offers writing aid in an essay for you. You can save time for write-ups. Also, get a variety of templates to assist in organizing work. It provides its users with a full package of common citing styles and referencing features such as Harvard, MLA, and APA.


The tool provides multiple online citations and research bibliography services. It has a task manager and an efficient referencing feature. It can be useful in the following ways:

  • Applied in knowledge management by use of the hierarchical feature and keywording to tailor ideas for adequate referencing for students.
  • Provide referencing and citation styles ranging to more than 35 features on either automatic or manual referencing.
  • They are applied in research work management by input and output of research sources.


The tool is offered for completely free online and provides efficient referencing features and bibliography services. It has the best functional tools layout. You can access each feature effortlessly. Also, you can enjoy a variety of content sources for referencing in citation styles. It has an editing tool feature and a subscription model for users who need plagiarism services.


It’s a useful tool that provides practical solutions for students in reference services. Available online for free, the users can access about 58 content sources on either digital or print. The sources include newsletters, live records, books, and journals. One advantage of this tool is that you can go manual even though most such tools operate on automated referencing and citation means. All features are offered free of charge.


The tool is specifically designed as a source for books. Even though at the moment, most of its information is generated on online publications, you can still cite from books and journals. The referencing tool is enabled by being provided with an ISBN of books source they used. It has about seven citing styles, and these are the Turabian, MLA, Bibtex, Chicago, and APA.


Zotero is designed to help users collect, manage, and sharing of quality information with other stakeholders. You can also store it in digital content sources in its library. You get all the services at no charge. It has no membership subscriptions to use its features. It is a useful tool for group project handling, especially research work.


It is an extension designed tool for Google chrome. Available for free and allows users to cite content from different sources like journals, newsletters, websites, and book sources. Any reference work is automatically stored in the Google chrome browser account. It has many features like HTML formats and XML viewing. There is the standards text and works as a management tool for authors.

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