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How To Find Idea’s For Writing Content

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Content Is The King And SEO Is The Queen

I think most of you might have heard this quote. Why the content has more focus on it than any other item.  Every website has contents, but do they all are treated equally. No because there are difference between them.  The difference could be based on several factors such as

  1. The Content Title
  2. The Writing Style
  3. Uniqueness
  4. Easy To Understand
  5. Good English
  6. Good Presentation, etc.

If one could follow all the above mentioned factors, one could easily get readers. But where do you find ideas for the content. So there are some places, where one will be able to get new topics and suggestions for the blog posts. Today, I am going to share, the places which will help you in Blogging.

  2. Facebook
  3. Forums
  4. Yahoo Answers
  5. YouTube Videos
  6. Find Answer To Your Friend’s Question


Comments are raised by the readers to appreciate the work done. But at the same time, comment section deals with, questions being raised by the readers. They may have several doubts and suggestions to throw it across you.

Take time to read those replies, and gather the valuable ideas to work with it later. Analyze those ideas and start preparing the content. This is the first and best strategy used by many successful techie persons in and around the Internet.


I think every one will have a Facebook account. Each single day, you see many people share their own experiences and reviews about several things in their walls.

Give friend request to members who are of your niche. After confirmation, view their statuses every day that will be brought to your notice automatically. The reason why I tell to do this is, because often people write statuses based on the trending topics of today and future. So here is the chance to update your mind and begin writing creatively.


Not everyone has the patience to sign up in forums and participate actively. It’s because they don’t find enough time. But my kind advice is to take part in forums, as you can find a lot of interesting people share information about the things they like. It could pay way for you to develop innovative and fresh content out of their information.

Yahoo Answers

If you have not used it, then better get a move on and try using it. It is the only site that stores different kinds of questions and answers belonging to different domains. Of course you can answer the questions that you know.

You can see the kind of questions that might be occurring with a person. From this, you can start to imagine yourself as a human who will think out of the box.

YouTube Videos

If you cannot practice the above mentioned things, then go to YouTube. Find the videos related to your niche, that has highest number of views. Watch the video fully and understand it. Embed the video in the post and explain it to your audience. This is the modern trend for driving a change in content marketing.

Find Answer To Your Friend’s Question

I had a friend, who one day suddenly asked me “How To Download YouTube Videos”. I replied there are many ways to do it. One is through browser add-ons and other one is using the online download sites. So if you are not able to research online, observe what is happening around you and try to relate the things to the niche. That will allow your mind to think beyond the basics and will be able to write with out exhausting.

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