Online Shopping in Malaysia with Lazada

Ever since the internet has garnered a push in the direction of e-commerce and online shopping, the South East Asia market seems to have always lagged in terms of popularity when compared to the more developed markets such as the United States and Europe. Things seem to be changing however, as I the last couple of years has seen people become more reliant on the internet, or rather, they have become more trusting on the internet.

With a fast progressing internet community and with a wide amount of users beginning to use the internet in Malaysia, the time seems ripe for new e-commerce stores and portals to open up. Of course, given that the Malaysian population is very tuned into the electronics market and pride themselves in owning the latest gadgets, there should be no two ways about what your online store in Malaysia should be selling.

Online Shopping in Malaysia with Lazada

Enter Lazada, a well-designed and well-oiled organization that lets you do online shopping in Malaysia. The website has got an extremely sleek and clean look and the interface is extremely user friendly. The search is robust and you’re able to find a custom product within seconds. The website works fast and the shopping cart is designed to be extremely simple and straightforward. Apart from selling the regular IT products such as smartphones, cameras and laptops, Lazada also has stocked a vast array of tablets, video games, books and even beauty products.

I ventured over to Facebook to check out their social presence and was a little surprised when I learned that their Facebook page has close to 100,000 likes! The Facebook page itself is well run and seems to be updated very regularly, I can count three updates that have been placed today itself. They also seem to be promoting their products in addition to keeping their customers up to date with what’s the latest in the technology world with some video game reviews as well as trailers of upcoming games.

I ventured over to their section on smartphones to check the price of the Samsung Galaxy SIII and noticed that they’re extremely competitively priced and they have all three color variants for sale. They also have some of the older models in stock for amazing discounts, something that those of you who are looking for a good phone at a low price should like a lot! They’ve also got a pretty good Christmas campaign going on right now, for those of you who are looking to pick up products for Christmas and are looking to gift their friends something; this might just be the portal to do it from.

Not everyone has the time to go out to the stores during this heavy shopping period and pick something out, so online shopping is probably the best solution for this. The best part is that all products are shipped for free, there are no shipping charges whatsoever and you can also pay for your products when you receive them.

I noticed that Lazada also has operations in Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines and Thailand, seems like it’s quite a massive company catering to the South East Asia market. Before you ask, no, they don’t do international shipping, but since they’ve catered to pretty much all the major countries in South East Asia, I don’t see why they need to. Have you shopped with Lazada yet? If you haven’t, give it a shot and let us know how good they are!

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