How to find a good security software

The smartphones, laptops and computers we use daily either at home or at work store very important data. The latter can range from photos to work documents and different other types of files. The majority of gadget users think that their devices are 100% safe from various security problems, especially malware attacks. In reality, this can’t be any further from the truth. No device is fully protected only via its pre-installed firewalls and other security tools.

There are many gadget owners who rely on Windows 10 and its Windows Defender Antivirus as a main safety measure. In the past, before the recent surge in cyber attacks, this tool did a very good job. Not anymore nowadays. The kind of malicious software hackers continue to develop at an alarming rate managed to wreak havoc on Windows’ popularity in the recent past.

Not long ago, Microsoft were accused of not paying enough attention to their Defender Antivirus. The WannaCry threat, for instance, did a lot of harm on devices using Windows 10 as their operating system. The company behind this popular OS took care of the situation in the end. Problem is: people around the globe are now more careful when it comes to the safety of their computers. The majority of them have already begun using security solutions instead of the Windows Defender Antivirus.

Good news is: people concerned about the safety of their devices can now choose between many antiviruses. Each of them brings different assets to the table. Having a large number of security solutions to opt for can be difficult, though, because one doesn’t know which of them to pick. If you’re looking for some help, we have a guide on how to find a good security software.

Go for reliable protection

Being able to rely on a security solution is very important. Does the antivirus you want to buy deliver updated protection? If it does, it’s the right pick. Outdated malicious software definitions are no good if you want to stay safe from cyber attacks. Second: a strong antivirus makes sure its processes avoid termination. The latter begins when malware wants to kill and ultimately control malware.

The best kind of security suite to buy gives computer users the possibility to schedule an antivirus scan. An even better antivirus will come with already activated regularly scheduled scans. The crème de la crème of security solutions is able to start an antivirus scan as soon as a device is in idle mode. Last but not least, pick an antivirus which keeps your PC safe without entering into conflict with its programs. If, for instance, another security tool is running on your gadget, the antivirus you opt for is going to tell the user to remove it before the installation.

Consult antivirus testing labs

An independent antivirus testing lab is a great way to see which security solution is the best. Some of the most recognized and reliable testing labs are the following: AV-Comparatives, MRG-Effitas, AV-Test Institute and Siwon Edwards Labs. If you’re looking for certification, best look at these, too: West Coast labs and ICSA labs.

All-inclusive protection is a must

The majority of security solutions used in the past featured only an antivirus. Things have changed since then, so much so that device owners should choose a security product that features all-inclusive protection. Here’s what an antivirus must keep you safe against: ransomware, worms, web threats, rootkit, Trojan horses and spyware. Protection should also be offered against viruses, network attacks and adware.

Usability is another prerequisite

Not all of us are good with computers, tablets or smartphones. One of the best ways to know if you should choose a certain antivirus over another is whether or not it’s easy to use even by beginners. Usability here means one of the following: easy to install and configure, easy to navigate, with complete control of how it functions and easy to locate help documentation.

Also, a good security solution should be very easy to use on a gadget that has a touchscreen. Not all of us own a monitor. Computers that come with a touchscreen are more and more numerous these days. The best kind of antivirus needs to contain check marks, different kinds of switches, tiles and big control buttons.

Cost and personal needs should be considered

Different people have different needs when it comes to picking a security product. Think of how you’ll use it, what you require from it and how much money you want to invest in it. Also, do you want a simple antivirus or a security suite with all kinds of features? Take a look at this list of best Internet security software of the moment to check out some of the most reliable options and then choose one based on your wallet and requirements.

Make sure it features strong support

Using a security solution might prove a handful sometimes. This is why the antivirus you’ll end up buying should have reliable help resources. There are plenty of support options included in the best antiviruses around. They are as follows: via telephone, live chat and email.

Test the performance

A good antivirus should scan your device quickly for security issues, have a small impact on the performance of your computer and on its boot timing. If it does neither of those, it’s best that you look for another security product. Should you not do that, your device’s performance will suffer. It may not happen now, but it will eventually happen after a couple of months or a year.

Cyber attacks show no signs of slowing down or going away for good. On the contrary: their number has been rising at a quick rate, because hackers are becoming more and more creative. To avoid getting infected, a computer requires excellent protection via a strong security product. Today we talk about how to find a good security software!

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