Pros & Cons of Using Free VPNs for Netflix

Netflix, the popular hub of shows and movies, has now become immensely popular. Everyone wants to get their hands on its content, but not just any content. People want to access stuff that is not supposed to be in their country at all. Well, it does not take a long time for netizens to find creative solutions for bypassing content licenses.

Someone came up with the concept of VPN as a means to protect one’s privacy and voila! You can stream Netflix with a free VPN. However, spare yourself a few minutes and understand both sides of this VPN technology before using it, especially when it is free!


Unblock geo-restricted content

Netflix has distributed its content across different countries in the most uneven manner. You may open your Netflix app to watch a film listed on one of those “Best Movies on Netflix” articles. Alas! Netflix tells you that it is unavailable in your country, and now you are sulking.

Meanwhile, there is someone out there enjoying the same geo-restricted movie because they have a VPN. A VPN prevents Netflix from tracking your location, and you can unlock a whole new world of exciting content.

Stream without a care, even on public Wi-Fi

You are sitting in a cafe, bored out of your mind with an empty data pack. Netflix has just released the next episode of your favorite series, but you know streaming on the unsecured, public Wi-Fi is a big no-no. Unless you had a VPN, in which case hackers and snoopers can’t get close to you.

Frankly, Netflix has an infrastructure with tight security, but you should never undermine an experienced hacker. Get an added layer of protection with a VPN and chill out anywhere.

Get rid of that loading icon

You have experienced one of those bad days, and all you want to do now is watch a film. Netflix recommends the perfect movie, and you readily go ahead to watch it. It has been five minutes since the loading icon appeared, and you have given up. If you had a VPN, you could have avoided this issue.

Buffering occurs when ISPs (Internet Service Providers) reduce your connection speed because it requires too much network space. After all, streaming content needs a lot of bandwidth. A VPN hides your internet activity from your ISP, preventing them from reducing your speed.


You Are Not Fully Anonymous

VPN encrypts your data, but there is no way to tell the extent of it. Using VPN services for free does not guarantee that nobody on the internet can spot them. Besides, Netflix can tell whether their customers are using VPN or not.

VPN services sometimes encrypt only a part of your data, and people come to know only when it is too late. Remember, just because you have a free VPN does not mean that you are untouchable on the internet.

Your VPN Connection Can Break Suddenly

If you have lost your Wi-Fi connection during a meeting, then you know just how fragile these things can get. Similarly, you can lose your safety net of encrypted connection in an instant. High-quality VPNs come with a kill switch, which immediately takes you off the internet when your VPN connection drops, but they are not free.

Netflix Can and Will Block You

The worst thing that can happen to a Netflix customer is their account getting blocked, despite paying for a subscription. If Netflix comes to know you are accessing restricted content using a VPN, consider your account blocked. People have not experienced it often, but Netflix has only recently started hunting down VPN users.

VPNs are not illegal, at least not when it comes to streaming content on Netflix. However, using a VPN does contravene Netflix’s terms and conditions, just like other internet platforms. Netflix cannot track your location when using a VPN, but it can spot who is using a VPN.

VPNs, like any other internet-based service, have pros and cons. People use VPNs not only because it protects their privacy but also because it is legal. However, a free VPN service is sketchy because the providers care less about your privacy. If you use it wisely, the advantages weigh out the disadvantages easily. All you have to do is stay away from malware and suspicious websites.

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