FoodPanda Partnered With Pizzahut To Launch Triple Treat Box

I guess almost everyone may have heard about Foodpanda which is known as the largest food delivery platform operates in the popular cities in India. Recently, Foodpanda has partnered with one of the popular pizza delivery company, i.e., Pizza Hut to kick start the new year festival. Now customers can order pizza hut’s exclusive launch of Triple Treat Box through foopanda app or website. The Triple Treat Box is pizza hut’s and Foopanda’s exclusive and can only be ordered online; customers cannot order it through call or any other offline means.

Details Of Triple Treat Box

Triple Treat Box is an excellent combo which includes one medium pizza (customer’s choice pizza), and sides which comes packed in a beautiful box of Pizza Hut. India is going through a massive wave of Demonisation, customers can now order it by making the payment online or can pay via cash only delivery. This is a special pack from Pizza Hut which is a perfect combo for parties. Here is a step by step guide to ordering this special Triple Treat Box through fooadpanda.

How To Order Triple Treat Box?

  1. Download the Foodpanda app from google play store or visit their official website.
  2. The app will automatically detect your location through GPS, or you can enter manually also.
  3. You will see the Pizzahut option in the Restaurant’s list, browse through the items and select the special Triple Treat Box.
  4. Enter your address and finally make the payment for your order (through online or via cash on delivery)
  5. Now sit back, within an hour the delivery boy will deliver your Triple Treat Box at your doorstep.

Customers can also order this special Triple Treat Box through Pizza hut’s official website.

Tip: You can make the payment via third party wallets to avail additional discounts/cashback offers.

After partnering with pizza hut, food Panda has seen the 800% hike in their revenue. The company also witnessed that there’s a 40-50 percent hike in the number orders placed. It was a major step which took the company’s revenue to the sky, The number of orders which are being placed are strengthened after the Demonisation. It’s a perfect combo accompanied by amazing sides for some kickass taste and delightful experience.

Don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comment section below regarding the Triple Treat Box, also if you have doubts regarding the Triple Treat box, feel free to comment them below.

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